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the top 3 how water pressure wash systems

Top 3 Hot Power Wash Systems

Hot water pressure washers are the backbone of any pressure washing company. Hot water systems are more than just a convenience; they’re a requirement for a successful power washing business. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into the power washing industry, you’ll want to be familiar with hot power washing. Learn about the benefits of a hot power wash system and our top three system recommendations.

Why Should You Use Hot Power Washing?

Hot power washing gives you the fastest, best results in the shortest time. It is invaluable for removing set-in stains and dirt. These machines aren’t cheap, so learning about different power wash types and systems is vital before purchasing one. 

Hot Water Pressure Washing Dissolves Grease

Hot water wash systems can remove any stubborn stain, grease, or grime. When washing a sinkful of greasy dishes, you fill the basin with hot, soapy water. A hot water pressure wash system uses a similar method to dissolve the grease found in stains through heat application.

Hot Water Reduces Water Surface Tension

Hot water from your power washer reduces surface tension, which allows water to punch through grease and gunk molecules.

Hot Water Helps To Agitate Grime

When hot water combines with the relentless pressure in your hot water pressure wash system, it mimics a scrubbing action. This combination quickly digs out stubborn stains in walkways, drives, patios, and garages.

Hot Water Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Cleaning Solution

Hot water will improve your cleaning agent’s ability to remove more stains in less time. The heat allows your cleaner to emulsify any oil or grease, meaning the oil or grease won’t repel the water but will mix so that your washer can whisk it away. Discover which cleaning agent to use for each type of job here. also has a complete line of cleaners, including detergents, truck washers, degreasers, and graffiti removal, to tackle any pressure washing job you may encounter. 

How Is Water Heated In A Hot Power Wash System?

A power washing switch controls the flow of water, which heats as it enters the washer through a hose connected to a spigot or an external tank. Water first enters a high-pressure pump, pushing the water into a heating coil. Depending on the pressure washer’s model, either diesel or propane will heat the coil. If you have an electric model, the water temperature increases by passing through a separate water tank with the coil inside.

What are the critical factors in reviewing power wash systems?

A few key factors you should consider when it comes to power wash systems include:
– Does a hot or cold pressure wash system suit your needs better?
The flow rate, measured in gallons per minute, tells you how much water the system can produce. The higher the flow rate, the more powerful the system will be. 
The pressure rating, represented in PSI, indicates how much pressure the system can generate. The higher the PSI, the more effectively the system can power wash surfaces.

Top 3 Hot Power Wash Systems recommends these hot power wash systems for reliability, quality, and reputation.

This hot power washer gives maximized efficiency and power to scale up your cleaning ability!

Delux Wolverine 5535-C

Features include:

  • Vanguard Engine
  • General Pump Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump With Clutch 
  • Electric Start
  • 8 Gallon Capacity Gasoline Engine Fuel Tank
  • Slim Welded Stainless Steel Frame 
  • 4 Quick Connect Nozzle Tips

Pressure Pro 4012-10g Hot Power Washer

This gas-powered model has industrial-style pressure that gives you your money’s worth!

Features include:

  • Powerful Honda Engine
  • Automatic Shut Down Oil Alert System
  • 5 Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Spray Gun
  • 50ft Hose

BE Industrial 2,500 Psi – 3.5 Gpm Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

This power washer offers reliability and energy efficiency, making it perfect for commercial use! Its ability to plug into a natural gas system allows it to be used for garages and indoor wash bays.

Features include:

  • Commercial Grade AR Triplex Pump
  • Auto Start/Stop System When Spray Wand Is Squeezed Activates Pump
  • Stainless Steel Wrap Protecting Heating Coil

Key Takeaways:

  • Pressure washing with hot water loosens grime, emulsifies grease, and does the job faster! 
  • Hot water will improve your cleaning agent’s ability to remove more stains in less time. 
  • Hot water systems aid in faster pressure washing.
  • The water heats in your power washing machine as it passes through a coil.

A Hot Power Wash System Will Increase And Improve Your Power Wash Business

Loosen more grime, emulsify grease, and do the job faster with a hot power washing system. recommends BE Industrial, Pressure Pro, and Delux as our top 3 systems. We have replacement parts and accessories to customize your machine so you can get the best results possible. Click here for our full selection; our staff is always ready to advise and answer any questions!

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