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The California Skid

California Skid Truck’s fully electric hot water pressure and soft washing system designed for commercial organizations needing high performance hot water pressure washing and soft washing system that is eco-friendly and fully compliant with California’s recently enacted small off-road engine (SORE) law.

On January 1, 2024, California’s Air Resource Board officially banned the sale of a category of off-road spark-ignition engines that produce 19 kilowatts gross power or less (25 horsepower or less). Within the SORE regulations are lawn mowers, blowers, edgers and other handheld equipment including commercial pressure washing systems.’s fully electric pressure and soft washing skid satisfies the new SORE regulations without compromising in performance. The complete system is designed to be easily placed on trailers or in the flatbed of pickups. When utilizing the Ford F150, the electric skid can leverage the truck’s built in inverter to power the system for up to 35 hours of run-time.

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Full Electric Skid Products

  • 6’ aluminum truck bed skid with adjustable ladder racks and 2 side shelves.
  • Electric pressure washer with diesel burner: 4gpm and up to 220 degrees hot water.
  • 12v soft wash unit plumbed to the supply tanks. Hidden in a convenient and durable Powder coated steel box. 7 gpm 150psi delux soft wash pump with a flojet accumulator tank. Giving the most even performance with your chemical application.
  • Delux Proportioner Seamlessly “Dial-In” your desired mix ratios with its expertly scaled Metering Valves and mixing chamber.
  • 200-gallon water tank with Hudson float valve installed.
  • Two Hannay hose reels for 100’ of pressure hose and 100’ of water supply hose.
  • Chemical resistant stainless steel hose reel for your 200’ of soft wash hose.
  • 100’ durable double braided pressure hose
  • 200’ of bleach resistant ½” soft wash hose.
  • 100’  Supply hose is kink free and lightweight.
  • 55-gallon bleach tank.
  • 6-gallon surfactant tank.
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