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Powerwash Pressure Wash Trailer Rig

Custom Pressure Wash Trailers

We’re proud of our work, and we thought you might like to take a look at what we built. If you have questions about a commercial power wash trailer please call us!

16 foot, tandem axle Trailer with two hot water power washers

This custom built, heavy duty, 16 foot, tandem axle trailer features two RK-43C hot water power washers, a 525 gallon water tank, a 35 gallon chemical tank, three HR-65 hose reels, two 150 foot lengths of black hose, and one 100 foot grey fill hose. This trailer has HR-65 hose reels with cam lock drag brakes, and pin locks. These Hannay hose reels can withstand pressures up to 5000 PSI and temperatures up to 400 degrees F.

Best Quality Diesel Pressure Wash Rig

Double axle trailer, dual chemical tanks, and two gun machine.

Each water tank on this custom-built trailer is 525 gallons. This two-axle power wash trailer with the weight balanced over the axles also comes with two 35 gallon chemical tanks. The trailer features four Hannay hose reels with high-pressure hoses. The RK-5835-2G is a two-gun machine. It comes with an hour meter and a thermostat standard. It was also designed for the oil and gas industry.


26 foot goose neck trailer, triple machine with dual tanks

This 26 foot tandem axle goose neck trailer has two RK-5835-2G machines and one RK-80-35-D machine. It also features a 525 gallon water tank and a 325 gallon water tank mounted over the two axles for even weight distribution. There is a total of 600 feet of double braided high pressure hose mounted onto four Hannay HR65 heavy duty hose reels.

Complete Flatbed RIG

This contractor ready power washing solution is mounted onto a Ford F-550 flatbed truck. It features an RK-5835-2G power washer, Two 36 inch insulated wands, One set of 8 GPM nozzles, Two sets of 4 GPM nozzles, Two Hannay HR-66 wide hose reels, with 100 feet of double braided high-pressure hose each, One Hannay 65 hose reel with 100 feet of heavy-duty garden hose for intake, and a 525-gallon water tank.

Some popular options to get you started customizing your very own rig are:

Detergents: V-505 Butyl All-Purpose Cleaner: 5 Pounds, 50 Pounds, 100 Pounds, R-430 Oil and Gas (Great for the Oil Industry) / DNB-1430 55 gallon Mix Kit (for tractor/trailers, pre-soak, heavy-duty degreaser, concrete cleaner. Stronger than V-505), shipping wt. 50 pounds. V-502 Heavy Duty Grease Remover designed for Kitchen Exhaust Systems, and concrete cleaner–stronger than DNB-1430), 50 Pounds.

HR-46 High-Pressure Hose Reel. Hose reel hook up kit.
R-1 4000 PSI Non-Marking High Pressure Hose: 50 Ft., 100 Ft., 150 Ft.
W-15 Spray Wands: 48″, 79″, 10 Ft., 13 Ft.
Water Tank Kit (Model WTK-15): This option allows the washer to either be hooked up to a garden hose or a water tank with the turn of a selector valve. Includes a water tank filter.
Wheel Kit
6′ 4″ x 8′ Single Axle Trailer Wash Rig: Includes everything but the washer in the Single Axle Trailer Rig Description above.
6′ 4″ x 12′ Double Axle Trailer Wash Rig: Includes everything but the washer in the Tandem Axle Trailer Rig Description above.
6′ 4″ x 16′ Double Axle Trailer Wash Rig: Includes everything but the washer in the Double Axle Trailer Rig Description above.
Double Axle Enclosed Trailer Wash Rig: Includes everything but the washer in the Double Axle Trailer Wash Rig Description above.

We can custom build any trailer to meet your needs, including closed trailers! (Even if you already have your own trailer.)

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