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Read this before you buy your next pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a major investment; it is the backbone of your operation. Certain specifications make some machines better suited for various jobs, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is a list of the features that make your pressure washer easier to use, more durable, and easier to maintain. Some people call them the “bells and whistles”.

A clutch drive pump will save you money.clutch_pump_protection.jpg

When the trigger on a typical power washer is released the unloader goes into bypass and the pressure pump can overheat in as little as two minutes. The unique clutch operated system by disengages the pump when the trigger is released.  This eliminates pump overheating due to extended unloader by-pass, thus reducing wear and increasing the life of the pump. 

    • Prevent packing and valves from melting leading to loss in pressure and/or pulsating pressure.
    • Eliminate thermal shock which happens when over heated water during extended unloader bypass is followed by cool water when the trigger is pulled.  The sudden change in temperature is likely to cause the ceramic plungers to crack or shatter. 
    • Reduce costly down time due to repairs and maintenance of the pump.
    • Forgetting to cycle the gun cool to the pump is no longer a concern.  With the unloader in bypass the engine can run until it is out of gasoline without damaging the pump.

An electric start engine will reduce fatigue

Starting an electric start engine is like turning on a car. Simply turn the key, and it cranks right up. No more pulling a rope. Pull start can still be used as a backup.

Upstream chemical injection will make your work easier.UpstreamInjectorHighGPM.jpg

Upstream soap injection is achieved by introducing soap to water flow before the pump. This makes it possible to apply soap at high pressure. If you plan to use a soap with a neutral pH, this method can really speed up your cleaning. This feature comes standard on the RK-42, and RK-43 series Delux Hot Water Pressure Washers.

Enhanced Burner Protection™ will save you timeBurnerDiagnostic.png

The Burner Control Center from removes the guess work from diagnosing equipment failures.  An operator can know in an instant if the power and key sensory switches in burner system are functioning.  When the trigger is open all the lights should be on, if the burner is working properly.  If one or more lights go out, the operator will instantly know what is causing the problem.  The ability to quickly repair and return the power washer to service saves time and money!

    • Lighted Burner Switch – Monitors power to the burner
    • Flow light – Monitors the flow of water through the coils (the pressure switch)
    • Temp light – Monitors the system temperature (the high limit switch)
    • Fuel light – Monitors the fuel going to the burner system (the fuel solenoid)

A can style water filter strainer will help your equipment last longerfilterstrainer.JPG

Stop debris and dirt before it enters your machine and increase the life-span of your equipment. Any particulate larger than the filters element pore rating is left trapped inside the filter can. When the can is full, simply unscrew it and rinse it out.

A fuel water separator will make your burner more efficient.

The Racor R12T diesel fuel filter provides 10 micron filtration for diesel fuels used with pressure washer burner systems. Debris that could clog your fuel nozzle and cause irregular spray patterns is caught in the filter. Water in your fuel that could cause your decrease efficiency is collected at the bottom of the glass bowl.

An hour meter makes will let you know when it is time for maintenance

Every machine will come with an owner’s manual that will contain a maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will drastically increase the lifespan of your equipment. The hour meter is like the odometer in your car. It will tell you when maintenance is needed.

A pump mounted pressure gauge will help you determine when maintenance is necessary.3000psipressuregauge.JPG

Pressure loss can be caused by many things. It could be something as simple as a worn out nozzle, or a leak in your line. But, it could be something less obvious like worn out packing, or an improperly adjusted unloader valve. The pressure gauge will give you an accurate way to measure and track these issues.

Delux® pressure washers come with the accessories you need to get started.

All Delux® pressure washers come with a 36 inch insulated wand, a trigger gun, quick couplers, 50 feet of hose, and 4 color coded quick coupled nozzles.

At we take care of our customers before, during, and after a sale! We can help you find the best machine for your needs and make recommendations for helpful upgrades that you may not have considered. Give us a call before you buy your next machine.

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