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Get Rid of Fertilizer Stains on Concrete with Rust Remover Plus™

It usually happens when a homeowner forgets to sweep the driveway after they fertilized the lawn. They call in a panic because their driveways is covered in brown spots. Now you must figure out a way to get rid of fertilizer stains on concrete. Fertilizer stains on concrete are caused by rust. Strong acid blends like Rust Remover Plus™ are needed.

Rust Remover Plus™ is a concentrated blend of acids that effectively remove rust stains from concrete. This means that it can be applied at full strength, or diluted with water up to a 1:5 mixture. The exact dilution ratio for Remover Plus™ will depend on the severity of the rust stain and the condition of the driveway or sidewalk.

Fertilizer stains may only cover a portion of the concrete, but you should be prepared to apply Rust Remover Plus™ to the entire area. Even coverage to the entire area will prevent undesirable “clean white spots” from appearing on the cleaned concrete.

How to get rid of fertilizer stains with Rust Remover Plus™

    1. Sweep away any dirt, grass or other large particles on the concrete that is to be cleaned.
    1. Using a pump-up garden or chemical sprayer, apply Rust Remover Plus™ evenly over the entire affected concrete area.
    1. To ensure uniform coverage, apply Rust Remover Plus™ with overlapping passes using the sprayer’s cone or fan tip.
    1. Apply enough Rust Remover Plus™ to thoroughly wet area being cleaned

 How to evaluate results of Rust Remover Plus™

    1. After thoroughly wetting the area containing the rust stains with Rust Remover Plus™, allow it to dwell on the rust stain for at least 5 to 10 minutes -this will allow it time to soak into the both the rust stain and the driveway or sidewalk surface.
    1. Depending on the condition of the concrete, it may be advisable to use a stiff bristle brush to gently spread the still wet Rust Remover Plus™ evenly over the surface.
    1. It is important to allow the driveway or sidewalk surface to dry before evaluating results because as Rust Remover Plus™ dries it also brightens the concrete.
    1. It may be necessary to occasionally have to reapply Rust Remover Plus™.
    1. Once the rust stains have disappeared from the concrete, pressure wash the driveway or sidewalk using a 3,000 psi unit with a 40 degree tip.
    1. Keep the pressure washer spray tip approximately 6 inches from the surface when washing.
  1. Use overlapping passes with the pressure washer.

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