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Finish with W-200 Spray Wax to Reduce Wash Time & Cut Labor Costs

Mobile power washers are always looking for the secret that will help them be more efficient. Time is money! The “secret” isn’t really a secret at all. It’s spray wax. Labor costs generally amount to about 30 to 45 percent of gross sales. Chemical costs typically make up about 3 to 5 percent, and fuel for heat is generally around 2 to 4 percent. Add W-200 Spray Wax to your rise water to create a protective coating that will help prevent dirt from bonding to painted metal and vinyl surfaces. If your accounts are set up to be washed on a regular schedule this will make them easier to clean the next time. A slight increase in chemical and fuel costs will reduce labor costs.

Start with a soap like Pink Thunder or Classic Brown. Both of these popular truck wash soaps can be brushed on or upstreamed. They are sold as concentrated chemicals so you can mix them strong enough for any job, or dilute them as necessary. If you are house washing, mix 12% sodium hypochlorite with Fresh Wash, and spray it on with a Mustang Soft Wash System.

Follow up with a very weak solution of W-200 Spray Wax. Add 8oz. of W-200 to 5 gallons of water. Then introduce it into you rinse water through metering valve at 20 to 1. For even application and spot reduction on cars and pickups, it is best to apply it hot and follow with a cold rinse. On heavier surfaces like homes and trailers, the cold rinse is not necessary. W-200 Spray Wax fills in light swirl marks from brushes, causes immediate beading of water, and leaves mirror like shine on vehicle finishes. The wax coating will protect the finish and slow the accumulation of grime on the clean surfaces. The enhanced appearance and extended life may generate more business because of the perceived quality of the work. One 5 gallon container of W-200 Spray Wax can make approximately 12,000 gallons of spray on wax solution. A small increase in chemical cost can significantly reduce labor costs.

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