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Pink Thunder™ Truck Wash soap is the optimal product for removing road film, grease, dirt, and bugs. This highly effective soap leaves trucks with a polished shine using minimal effort.


Pink Thunder™ Truck Wash Powder Soap

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PINK THUNDER™ TWP (TRUCK WASH POWDER) is a free rinsing detergent with powerful cleaning action. It is safe on all surfaces, painted or otherwise. Better results will be obtained with hot or warm water, however, it works well in cold water. It removes road film, grease, dirt, bugs, etc., and will leave the surface shining without chamoising.

Direct Application: Use ½ to 3 pounds of PINK THUNDER™ TWP (TRUCK WASH POWDER) per 55 gallons of water.

For cleaning engines: Use 3 to 5 pounds of PINK THUNDER™ TWP (TRUCK WASH POWDER) per 55 gallons of water.

Application with a Power Washer: Add ½ pound to a gallon of water to create a liquid concentrate. Apply concentrate through the power washer at a rate of 10:1 to 40:1 depending on the degree of soil build-up on the surface.

Weight 45 lbs

1 Gallon

Weight (LBS)

2 lbs, 45 Lbs., 50 Lbs., 55 Lbs





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