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2-Step Gun

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Supercharge Your Fleet Washing with the 2-Step Gun System!

Revolutionize how you maintain your fleet with our 2-Step Gun System, specially designed for superior cleaning performance. Begin with a powerful low pH presoak that effortlessly breaks down road grime and oxidation. Follow up with our high pH soap to effectively cut through grease and oil, ensuring your vehicles shine without any scrubbing required!

Key Features:

– Comfort Grip Trigger: Engineered for comfort and long-lasting use.

– 48-Inch Lance: Easily reach every part of your vehicle.

– Efficient 5-8 GPM 4500 PSI Chemical Injector and Easy Selector Valve: Simplify your cleaning process.

Perfect for fleet managers and maintenance teams who demand quick, effective results with minimal wear on equipment.


Elevate Your Fleet’s Cleanliness Today! Tap into the efficiency of the 2-Step Gun System and maintain your fleet’s impeccable appearance effortlessly. Order now and take the first step towards a cleaner, more efficient fleet maintenance routine!



Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 12 × 4 in


Realize the Power of Efficiency with Our Revolutionary 2-Step Gun System!

Why Choose Our 2-Step Gun System?
Transform fleet washing with our innovative 2-Step Gun System, designed to tackle tough grime in two easy steps:
1. Break Down Minerals & Oxidation: Start with our potent low pH presoak acid. It swiftly breaks down road minerals and combats oxidation from UV exposure, prepping surfaces for a deeper clean.
2. Eliminate Tough Grease & Dirt: Follow up with our high pH soap that targets stubborn grease, oils, and carbon-based dirt. The direct application over the acid ensures maximum effectiveness, all without any scrubbing!

Streamlined Cleaning Power:
– Chemical-Free Pump System: Utilize the dual chemical application without running harsh substances through your pump or coil, extending the life of your equipment.
– Instant Switching: Effortlessly switch between cleaning steps with our innovative system, saving time and boosting productivity.

Who Benefits Most?
– Ideal for fleet managers and maintenance teams who need a reliable, powerful cleaning solution that minimizes effort and maximizes results.
– Perfect for environments requiring quick, effective cleaning without the wear and tear on equipment.

Exclusive Features of Our 2-Step Gun System:
– Comfort Grip Trigger: Designed for ease and prolonged use, reducing hand fatigue.
– Extended Reach: A 48-inch lance ensures you can reach those hard-to-clean areas effortlessly.
– Efficient Chemical Injector: High-quality design pulls chemicals effectively, enhancing cleaning power.
– Simple Selector Valve: Easily switch between chemicals with our intuitive setup, featuring barbed ends for secure connections.
– Quick Connect Tip Changes: Save time with fast and easy tip changes, optimizing your workflow.

Choose for Unmatched Benefits:
– No Minimum Purchase: Order what you need when you need it. We value flexibility and your business on your terms.
– Total Ownership: Our system is yours from day one. Simple, straightforward, and ready to go.
– Eco-Friendly Solutions: We care about the planet as much as you do. Our detergents are phosphate-free and biodegradable, making them a superior choice for environmentally conscious businesses.
– Expert Support: Get up and running with ease. Our team is here to provide expert advice and support, ensuring you make the most of your purchase.

Why Wait?
Experience the difference with our 2-Step Gun System and see why companies choose for their cleaning needs. Order now and transform the way you clean!

This revamped description aims to engage potential customers by highlighting the unique features and benefits of the 2-Step Gun System, emphasizing ease of use, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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