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World’s Best Graffiti Safewipes 6 Pack

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SKU: WB-0066
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Graffiti Safewipes will remove: Spray Can Paints, over-spray, felt pens, Magic Markers,Crayons, Ballpoint Pens, Scuff Marks, Grease, Grime and other marks, from: Walls, Signs, Chairs, Whiteboards, Newspaper Dispensers, Bathroom Walls, Desks, Post Boxes, Commercial/ Real Estate/ Road Signs, Signal ControlBoxes, Playground Structures, Cars/ Trucks/ Trailers/ Equipment, Bus Stops, Powder Coat, Plastics and Acrylics.

Product Contains
6 Pack: 6 Safewipes
Each wipe is 12″x8″.
Features & Benefits

Go Green with World’s Best Graffiti Removers
Versatile multi-use product for removing graffiti and other marks from painted and smooth surfaces.
Available in hermetically sealed pouches for easy of distribution and unlimited shelf life.
Fast acting, non-damaging formula encapsulates and suspends graffiti and other marks so you can wipe away easily without smearing / smudging or re-depositing into coated surface.
Pleasant smelling and non toxic.
Safe and effective to use on most smooth surfaces

STEP 1: Unfold and scrunch up towel. Using a circular wiping motion, remove marks in small areas at a time. Turn the towel over with every

wipe to keep the area clean.

STEP 2: After removing the mark, immediately wipe the area with a soft DAMP cloth or our convenient ‘AFTERWIPES’.

Feltpens will almost certainly dissolve immediately, but wax crayons may take a little longer. Spray can paints will require wetting down first prior to scrubbing. Do not worry if every marker stain is not removed. Any remaining stain / shadow will be easily removed with Feltpen Fadeout.

Weight 1 lbs
Shaft Diameter

.750 in / 19.05 mm

Max Volume

2.6 GPM

Max Discharge Pressure

2700 PSI

Max Pump Speed

3400 RPM

Inlet Port

1/2-14 BSPP-F

Discharge Port

3/8" MPT





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