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Introducing the DELUX® Loaded Residential Business in a Truck – your all-in-one solution for launching a successful residential cleaning business! The DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine takes center stage, delivering unparalleled performance with its cutting-edge features. 🌟 **Powerful Hot Water Cleaning:** The DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine boasts a robust heating element that rapidly heats water to your desired temperature. Its digital temperature control system offers precision, giving you complete command over your cleaning process. Crafted with durable stainless steel, this machine ensures longevity for years of reliable service. 💰 **Energy Efficiency and Safety:** Save on energy bills with the DELUX® Wolverine's energy-efficient design. The built-in safety shut-off system guarantees peace of mind, automatically turning off the machine if the water temperature reaches unsafe levels. ⚙️ **Features:** - Belt drive pumps with brass manifolds, ceramic plungers, and optional clutch drives. - 8-gallon gas tanks for extended operation. - Stainless steel frame for easy mounting on a truck or trailer. - Enhanced Burner Protection lights, pump oil sight glass, pressure gauge, and hour meter for reduced downtime. - Professional-grade replacement parts available at 🎁 **Included Accessories:** - 50 feet of 3/8 inch pressure hose - 36-inch insulated wand with quick couplers for nozzles - Trigger gun - Water tank kit - 4 color-coded, quick-coupled nozzles (5.5)~0º, 15º, 25º, 40º 📊 **Specifications:** - PSI: 3,500 - GPM: 5.5 - Motor Make: Briggs & Stratton - HP: 18 - Pump Make: Delux TSF1021 Clutch Drive - Burner Make: Beckett - Burner Voltage: 12 - Max Inlet Temp: 200º F - Heating Coil: Schedule 80 - Dimensions: 48″L, 27″W, 41″H - Weight: 450lb 🔄 **Surface Cleaner Package:** - 1 4" Surface Cleaner - 1 Ball Valve 🌬️ **Soft Wash System:** - Delux Stallion 11 GPM - 200' Hose - Proportioning System - Wash Down Gun 🛠️ **Additional Accessories:** - M5Xjet - Chapin 2-Gallon Sprayer - 1 Extension Wand - 1 Dual Lance Wand - 1-48" Wand - 1 Turbo Nozzle - Wash Down Gun 🧪 **Chemical Bundle:** - 4 Apple Blossom 5-Gallon Pails - 4 Defender 5-Gallon Pails - 2 Clearly Clean Xtreme Boxes - 2 R-202 Concrete Cleaner Boxes 🎓 **Training:** Equip yourself with knowledge through our full training class and Powerwash Academy 101 and 102. Start your residential cleaning business journey confidently with the DELUX® Loaded Residential Business in a Truck! Get yours today and experience the DELUX® difference.
The TUCKER® - 40 WATER FED POLE is a product that offers a convenient and efficient solution for cleaning windows and other surfaces. Its key features include a 40-foot extendable pole, a water-fed system, and a lightweight design. The benefits of this product include reaching high windows without the need for ladders or scaffolding, saving time and effort, and achieving streak-free cleaning results. Its unique selling points are its durable construction, easy maneuverability, and compatibility with various cleaning attachments.

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