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X-Jet M5 Adjustable Pressure Washer Nozzle for Xjet



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Saves time and money! The X-Jet M5 adjustable nozzle injects and proportions chemicals at high or low pressure without going through your pump, hose, or gun. Includes a built-in downstream injector with 15′ of hose.

    • #7 –  1-2.8 GPM
    • #9 –  3-3.5 GPM
    • #13 – 4-4.5 GPM
    • #16 – 5-6.5 GPM
    • #20 – 7-8   GPM
    • #25- 8.5+  GPM

Why use an XJET? Video

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.38 × 1.25 × 2.38 in


Nozzle Size

#13, #16, #20, #7, #9


The X-Jet M5 Adjustable Pressure Washer Nozzle injects and proportions chemicals at high or low pressure without going through your pump, hose, or gun. Includes a built-in downstream injector. This adjustable pressure washer nozzle has all the features of the X-JET except it comes with a variable nozzle on the outlet of the nozzle. The M-Jet is best suited for jobs where the zero degrees impact of the original XJET is not required. MJET will inject and proportion soaps, chemicals, or other liquids at high pressure without going through your pump, hose, gun or lance. The MJET can project liquids to vertical heights over 40 feet depending upon the capability of your pressure washer. The M-5 Nozzle works in the same manner as the X-Jet except that the close-range nozzle is replaced with an adjustable nozzle that projects chemicals up to a vertical height of 40 feet at the zero setting or an 8-foot fan pattern at 60 degrees by simply turning the adjustable nozzle

The X-JET M5 Includes

  • Built-in adjustable nozzle
  • 15 proportioners
  • Shut off ball valve
  • Mushroom strainer 3/8 15’FT PolyBraid Suction hose
  • 3/8 inner diameter of 15′ of suction hose connects at nozzle

Nozzle Sizes

  • #7 –  1-2.8 GPM 800PSI-4000 PSI 15-20 Feet Vertical Distance
  • #9 –  3-3.5 GPM 1000PSI-4500 PSI 15-20 Feet Vertical Distance
  • #13 – 4-4.5 GPM 1000PSI-4500 PSI 35-40 Feet Vertical Distance
  • #16 – 5-6.5 GPM 2000PSI-4500 PSI 35-40 Feet Vertical Distance
  • #20 – 7-8   GPM 2800PSI-5000 PSI 40 Feet Vertical Distance
  • #25- 8.5+  GPM 2500PSI-5000 PSI 40 Feet Vertical Distance
  • How far will my X-Jet reach?
    The reach will be different with each machine an X-Jet is used with. The higher the gallon per minute your machine, the higher you will reach up to 40 feet or more. If reach is detrimental and/or you have less than 3.5 GPM, you may wish to select The Original X-Jet nozzle as its reach is approximately 3 to 5 feet higher than an X-jet M5
  • Where do I put the color-coded proportioners?
  • The Proportioners are placed in the hose barb before attaching the 15ft hose assembly to the X-Jet Nozzle for both The Original X-Jet and the X-Jet M5.
  • Do I need to use the proportioners? You do not have to use the proportioners but they sure make life easier when you do.
  • What if I change my machine, can I still use the same X-Jet?Same X-Jet nozzle body, Yes but with modification. Remove the quick connect plug and inside you will find a spring and an orifice with a number stamped on it. Verify with the chart which size you need. Distributors who stock parts carry different size orifices and you can swap them out as needed when using different size machines.
  • Can I use the X-Jet with a longer hose than the 15ft included assembly?
    Yes, The higher gallon machine you have the longer length of hose you can use with your X-Jet Nozzle. Most customers can add up to 40 ft of 3/8 poly braid hose, however, we have reports of up to 100 feet of hose being added with the 8 GPM + machines.
    VIDEO LINKS Why use an XJET? Video
    Can you use a Longer hose with an XJet? Video
    Upgrading XJET Orifice for your larger machine -Video
    How to clean your Xjet-Video

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