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If you’re looking for a soft wash detergent that will take your cleaning to the next level, Fresh Wash is just for you. Enhance the cleaning effectiveness of your sodium hypochlorite mix while adding a pleasant lemon scent. Fresh Wash Lemon Scent offers 4 ways to help increase your cleaning power: enables surface tension to be broken on the cleaning surface, penetrates deeper, clings better to vertical surfaces, and allows you to save on bleach.
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Meet the M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle – your all-in-one solution for effortless and efficient cleaning! With a unique twist mechanism, this nozzle switches seamlessly between powerful jet streams and gentle mists, eliminating the need for multiple nozzles. Crafted for durability and comfort, it's your go-to for versatile and fatigue-free cleaning. From the creators of X-JET, the M5DS offers an adjustable spray pattern from 0 to 60 degrees with a simple twist. Choose from three sizes to match your needs: 2-3 GPM (up to 40 feet), 3-7 GPM (up to 50 feet), and 7-12 GPM (up to 60 feet). Save time, money, and storage space with this game-changing nozzle – perfect for car washing, garden watering, and more! Please note it's not compatible with M5XJET or XJET ORIGINAL. Upgrade your cleaning routine today on Amazon!
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The Maverick 12V Soft Wash System with Stainless Steel Hose Reel is a professional-grade soft wash machine for low-pressure roof cleaning, and house washing. The high-strength aluminum tube frame protects a 12v diaphragm pump, a Flojet Accumulator, and a water-tight battery box. A stainless steel hose reel sits on top of the frame with 200 feet of 1/2"ID Ag chemical-resistant hose. The Maverick Soft Wash System is strong, efficient, and ready for work.
This 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station - Maverick is a powerful and efficient cleaning system for outdoor surfaces. It features a slim mixing station for easy storage and portability. This product is a 12V soft wash system with a slim mixing station, designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. The Maverick 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station is the perfect solution for any professional or DIYer looking to tackle tough cleaning jobs. This system is designed to provide maximum power and efficiency while still being lightweight and easy to use. The 12V motor provides up to 4.5 GPM of water flow, allowing you to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. The Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station allows you to mix your own cleaning solutions, giving you the flexibility to customize your cleaning job. The station features a built-in pressure gauge, allowing you to easily monitor the pressure of your cleaning solution. The system also includes a 50-foot hose, allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas. The system is designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect choice for any professional or DIYer.
🌟 Elevate Your Cleaning Business with the Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System! 🚀 brings to you the ultimate game-changer in soft wash technology – the Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System. Tailor-made for the ambitious entrepreneur or the next industry mogul, this contractor-grade marvel is your ticket to top-tier low-pressure roof cleaning and house washing. Encased in a rust-proof aluminum frame, it boasts a robust 200cc motor coupled with a high-performance Comet pump. Imagine effortlessly reeling out 200 feet of chemical-resistant hose from a sleek stainless steel reel, all while having a hefty 100-gallon tank at your disposal for mixing your favorite Delux® Brand Soaps. Compact enough to fit on a 48'' square aluminum pallet, this powerhouse is ideal for smaller trucks, ensuring you stay mobile. With the capability to pump out 11 gallons per minute at a mighty 345 PSI, the Stallion Soft Wash System is your key to efficiency and effectiveness. Plus, grab our limited-time offer: an exclusive Power Wash Academy Soft Wash online course for just $59.99 – a steal from the usual $399.00! 🛒 Ready to Revolutionize Your Cleaning Game? Score Your Delux® Stallion on Now! 🛒 has done it again. Introducing an affordable skid mounted soft wash system. Perfect for the new Entrepreneur or budding Mogul. The Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System is contractor grade soft wash machine for low-pressure roof cleaning, and house washing. A rust-proof aluminum frame wraps around a 200cc motor and a Comet pump. A stainless steel hose reel sits on top of the frame with 200 feet of chemical-resistant hose and a 100 gallon tank perfect for batch mixing Delux® Brand Soaps. All this set on a 100% Aluminum 48'' square pallet perfect for your smaller trucks. The Station Soft Wash System is capable of moving 11 gallons per minute at pressures up to 345 PSI. Includes a Special Offer of 1 Power Wash Academy Soft Wash online course for $59.99 Normally $399.00
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The Maverick Stampede is the affordable answer to starting a full time Soft Wash business. OR the perfect platform to grow your business by adding additional crews. The Maverick Stampede is California friendly and has everything needed to go straight to the jobs-site. Just pop in a battery, add Water (SH, soap too) then start making money.  The Guys at have revolutionized the soft washing industry with the Maverick Stampede.  The small foot print and light weight nature means the Stampede fits in small trucks and small trailers (L48xW40XH48).  The Maverick Stampede’s 12v powerplant has the quiet power that California commercial soft washers need.  This system includes a proportioner and 3 tanks to make getting the right mix quick and easy. This kit also includes access to the world famous Power Wash Academy including all training needed to successfully enter/grow your soft washing  business.  Want to know more Call us 1-800-433-2113 Apply for Financing! Click Here  
Ready Built Complete Pressure Washing Trailer.  Time to start or grow your Business this rig is for you. Tow Pro Trailer Super Skid Pro VBelt Gas 20 Honda/General 5.5@3500 is the perfect trailer for your Pressure washing needs. With a powerful 5.5HP engine and 3500PSI and 5.5 GPM of hot waster is all you need to maximize earning potential and or get into the commercial washing industry.

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