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The Maverick 12V Soft Wash System with Stainless Steel Hose Reel is a professional-grade soft wash machine for low-pressure roof cleaning, and house washing. The high-strength aluminum tube frame protects a 12v diaphragm pump, a Flojet Accumulator, and a water-tight battery box. A stainless steel hose reel sits on top of the frame with 200 feet of 1/2"ID Ag chemical-resistant hose. The Maverick Soft Wash System is strong, efficient, and ready for work.
This 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station - Maverick is a powerful and efficient cleaning system for outdoor surfaces. It features a slim mixing station for easy storage and portability. This product is a 12V soft wash system with a slim mixing station, designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. The Maverick 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station is the perfect solution for any professional or DIYer looking to tackle tough cleaning jobs. This system is designed to provide maximum power and efficiency while still being lightweight and easy to use. The 12V motor provides up to 4.5 GPM of water flow, allowing you to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. The Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station allows you to mix your own cleaning solutions, giving you the flexibility to customize your cleaning job. The station features a built-in pressure gauge, allowing you to easily monitor the pressure of your cleaning solution. The system also includes a 50-foot hose, allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas. The system is designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect choice for any professional or DIYer.
The Maverick Stampede is the affordable answer to starting a full time Soft Wash business. OR the perfect platform to grow your business by adding additional crews. The Maverick Stampede is California friendly and has everything needed to go straight to the jobs-site. Just pop in a battery, add Water (SH, soap too) then start making money.  The Guys at have revolutionized the soft washing industry with the Maverick Stampede.  The small foot print and light weight nature means the Stampede fits in small trucks and small trailers (L48xW40XH48).  The Maverick Stampede’s 12v powerplant has the quiet power that California commercial soft washers need.  This system includes a proportioner and 3 tanks to make getting the right mix quick and easy. This kit also includes access to the world famous Power Wash Academy including all training needed to successfully enter/grow your soft washing  business.  Want to know more Call us 1-800-433-2113 Apply for Financing! Click Here
Unleash Efficiency with the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer: The Ultimate Upgrade!   Step up your cleaning performance with the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer, the ultimate choice for covering extensive areas with precision and ease. Designed with a potent 100 psi pump and a robust 12v system, this sprayer ensures a consistent, uninterrupted flow, making it ideal for a flawless application of chemicals or stains.   Sprayer Highlights: - Efficient Coverage: The 1/2" x 24" PVC wand and 75' chemical-resistant hose allow you to reach up to 25 feet, perfect for tackling large spaces. - Rugged Design: Features an aluminum frame and Never Flat Tires, built to handle any terrain. - Substantial Capacity: A 20-gallon tank with an extra-wide lid facilitates quick refills, reducing downtime. - Versatile Use: From fleet washing to agricultural applications, this sprayer is equipped for diverse cleaning needs including power washing, graffiti removal, and construction site cleanup.   Transform Your Approach to Cleaning! Upgrade to the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer for faster, more effective cleaning across any environment. Ready to boost your efficiency? Order now and experience the power of professional-grade equipment!
PERFECT for your Garage, Dock, Shop or anywhere you need an effective pressure cleaning system.  The Wall Mount Comet Electric Cold Water Stationary Pressure Washer is designed for the powersports enthusiast that need to get that play grime off.  This system has a self priming Electric Motor pushing 2.2 gallons a minute at 1300 PSI. Complete with Wand, Gun, 70 feet of hose and a compact reel for easy storage.  The Guys @ suggest adding a Hydro Foam Cannon to make soap/wax application easy.

Unlock Professional Cleaning Power with the Delux Colt DIY Softwash System! Jumpstart your soft washing business with the Delux Colt DIY Softwash System, an all-encompassing kit that combines durability and efficiency. Featuring a robust 50-gallon UV-resistant polyethylene tank and a 12-volt diaphragm pump capable of 5.5 GPM, this system ensures you’re equipped for any job. Its pressure regulator maintains safe levels, while the convenient hose reel and inclusive fittings streamline your setup. Perfect for both budding entrepreneurs and experienced cleaners, this system guarantees top-notch results.   **Buy Now!** Elevate your cleaning standards and make every wash a win. Click to order your Delux Colt DIY Softwash System today!
The DELUX® 430PWH is a  3000 PSI 3.9 GPM Hot Water Power Washer. This high powered electric pressure washer is the perfect choice for blasting those big rigs and 18-Wheelers from your Washing Stations. If you're in the business of heavy equipment operator sales and service, and other industries who need to big machinery & parts cleaning this is the power washer for you.
Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System Unlock professional-grade cleaning power with the Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System. Featuring a 12V, 7 GPM Delux Diaphragm pump, this system delivers a high flow rate of 7 GPM at 100 PSI, making it perfect for tackling tough jobs with ease. Designed to handle caustic chemicals, it includes 205 feet of chemical-resistant hose, a durable stainless steel reel, and a versatile SoftWash gun with a 36-inch lance. The package also includes a J-Rod with 4 tips, built-in battery charger, and a starter pack of chemicals. With quick-connect features and weather-resistant components, this system ensures efficiency and durability for every project. Transform your cleaning game—work smarter, not harder! Get your Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System today and experience unparalleled cleaning efficiency and convenience! THINK BIG: Best used with 3 tanks and the Best Value Maverick Sidewinder Pro Slim Proportioner for electric pumps to build your own fully proportioned professional soft wash system. NOTE: Batteries Not Included. This machine requires a deep cycle marine grade battery. We recommend 2400 series 12-volt min 500 cranking amp marine grade Group 24 battery. The amp draw is from 11 to 15 Amps. The battery box interior measures 11 in. long X 7.5 in. wide X 7 in. tall.
Experience a blend of power and environmental responsibility with our California SORE Compliant Electric Pressure Washer! Designed to meet stringent regulations, this washer delivers an impressive 4 GPM at 2000 PSI, powered by a robust 5 HP motor. It features a durable, powder-coated steel roll cage with 13” flat-free tires for easy mobility, and a compact design (39” L x 31” W x 49” H) that enhances maneuverability and storage. The advanced heating system includes a super-efficient Schedule 80 coil with molded insulation, ensuring safety with high-limit temperature protection and a thermo-sensor to prevent overheating. The 8-gallon fuel tank extends runtime, making it ideal for large jobs. Perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas like schools and hospitals, this washer operates quietly and efficiently, surpassing traditional gas-powered models in both performance and eco-friendliness. Upgrade your cleaning tools with our Electric Pressure Washer and embrace powerful, sustainable cleaning at its best. Click to buy now and start transforming your cleaning routine today!
Soft Wash X6PVC Pump System The Pumptec X series soft wash pumps are specifically engineered for use with Sodium Hypochlorite. This high performance pump is a perfect fit for cleaners who are interested in purchasing a high performance electric pump designed for high performance and longevity in the soft wash industry. The pump is designed with Viton seals, Hastelloy Valves, ceramic plungers and a PVC/CPVC body, all “A” rated materials for use with Sodium Hypochlorite. The pumps 150 PSI at 6.7 GPM performance allows for an even spray at great distances, 38’ vertical and 55” horizontal spray. The engineering goal for the X6PVC was to eliminate the short life span that many Softwash pumps offer, reduce liability with the high spray performance, and increase the cleaners overall product satisfaction. This goal has been accomplished with this work horse pump.

The DELUX® 320EC 2000 PSI 3 GPM Hot Water Power Washer is custom built for Detail Shops, Automotive Repair Stations, and other industries who need to tackle grease, grime and oil cleaning. It is the best power washer on the market for any and all of your auto service needs.

For indoor cleaning with High Pressure Hot Water our stationary washers are ideal. They pack the cleaning power of up to 3,000 PSI and yet still have a small footprint.
A great choice for many pressure washer applications, this Electric Powered Pressure Washer with a GP Pump boasts 3.0 GPM performance @ 1500 PSI.
The S/B8035HGEA406 Pressure-Pro Honda GX690 8GPM 3500 PSI Poly Chain with Electric Start is a powerful and reliable pressure washer that is perfect for tackling tough cleaning jobs. It features a Honda GX690 engine with 8GPM flow rate and 3500 PSI pressure, a poly chain drive system for increased durability, and an electric start for easy operation. This pressure washer is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, and its robust construction ensures long-term reliability.