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Saves time and money! The X-Jet M5 adjustable nozzle injects and proportions chemicals at high or low pressure without going through your pump, hose, or gun. Includes a built-in downstream injector with 15' of hose.
    • #7 -  1-2.8 GPM
    • #9 -  3-3.5 GPM
    • #13 - 4-4.5 GPM
    • #16 - 5-6.5 GPM
    • #20 - 7-8   GPM
    • #25- 8.5+  GPM
Why use an XJET? Video
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The X-Jet Pail System is a revolutionary new product that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier than ever before. It features a powerful jet sprayer that can reach up to 10 feet, allowing you to clean and sanitize hard-to-reach areas with ease. The system also includes a durable pail with a built-in handle for easy transport and storage. The X-Jet Pail System is perfect for commercial and residential use, and its unique design makes it easy to use and maintain. With its powerful jet sprayer, durable pail, and convenient handle, the X-Jet Pail System is the perfect solution for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs. The X-Jet Pail System holds up to 5 gallons of chemical in a totally enclosed system. Includes brass barb adapter connected to an internal PVC system to maximize pull and reduce amount of chemical waste.
Meet the M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle – your all-in-one solution for effortless and efficient cleaning! With a unique twist mechanism, this nozzle switches seamlessly between powerful jet streams and gentle mists, eliminating the need for multiple nozzles. Crafted for durability and comfort, it's your go-to for versatile and fatigue-free cleaning. From the creators of X-JET, the M5DS offers an adjustable spray pattern from 0 to 60 degrees with a simple twist. Choose from three sizes to match your needs: 2-3 GPM (up to 40 feet), 3-7 GPM (up to 50 feet), and 7-12 GPM (up to 60 feet). Save time, money, and storage space with this game-changing nozzle – perfect for car washing, garden watering, and more! Please note it's not compatible with M5XJET or XJET ORIGINAL. Upgrade your cleaning routine today on Amazon!
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Turn a 5 gallon jug into an XJet enclosed Pail System. Just screw the XJet Pail Shaft into any vented 5 gallon jug that fits a 70mm cap, and attach your Xjet supply hose.
X-Jet Replacement Proportioner Pack (14 Color Coded)
Replacement X-Jet M5 Variable Nozzle head.
X-Jet Hose Assembly Replacement
X-Jet Replacement Orifice #13
The X-Jet Original is a great way to apply chemicals at high pressures up to 5000 PSI while eliminating corrosion & deterioration to the pump and other wearing parts. Includes a built-in downstream injector.
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Replacement for Xjet and M5 Xjet nozzles.
X-Jet Replacement Orifice #16
X-Jet Replacement Orifice #20
Connect your X-Jet suction hose to this Extension to draw chemical from a 55 Gallon Drum.

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