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How to Flush Out A Pressure Washer to Prepare for the Busy Season

Dirt and debris can collect inside your pressure washer when it is not in use. This debris can damage your equipment if it is not removed before you pressurize your system. Which is why you need to know how to flush out a pressure washer.

    1. The first step in the process is to run water through your supply hose.
        1. Don’t connect your supply hose to your machine yet.
        1. Let the water run until it looks clean and clear.
        1. Place a screen filter on your hose to prevent any contaminates that may have collected it the pipe from entering you hose.
    1. Then connect your supply hose to your pressure washer
        1. Do not attach your gun yet.
        1. Use a screen filter or can style Water Filter Strainer to collect a debris that may still be in your hose.
        1. Let the water run through your system until it looks clean and clear.
    1. Snap your gun and wand onto the end of your pressure hose without a nozzle
        1. Let the water run until it looks clean and clear.
    1. When your water runs clear, you can start your machine and use high pressure.

During normal operation, you should use a can style Water Filter Strainer to help keep contaminates out of your system.

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