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Save Time and Money with Concentrated Chemicals

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All business owners are constantly seeking ways to save time and money. One of the easiest and least expensive ways for power wash contractors to save is to order chemicals in a concentrated form.

Buying concentrated chemicals gives you greater flexibility. You have the ability to choose the strength at which you can use those chemicals. If you should need to use your chemicals at their maximum strength you can do so, if not you can reduce them to any strength that you deem necessary to do to the job without wasting them. Experienced pressure washers know that using chemicals at the proper concentration will allow you to do the best job in the shortest period of time. Using the proper chemicals in the right concentration is much more cost efficient than trying to save money by using watered down or weak chemicals thus taking longer to do the job! Labor is more expensive than chemicals and chemicals when used correctly will reduce the cleaning time.

Another benefit to buying your chemicals in a concentrated form is they are less expensive to ship because they weigh less and come in smaller containers. When you buy detergents in drums or tote tanks you are paying for the containers which are expensive, you are paying for the labor to mix those chemicals, you are paying for the expensive equipment required to mix those detergents with water and you are paying a very high price for water. When you receive the chemicals in a concentrated form you can store them in a smaller area and mix them yourself when you need them.

PowerWash.com has a variety of concentrated chemicals for many types of jobs. Our experts can help you find the right chemical for any power washing job.

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