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How to Power Wash a Dumpster Pad

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We cleaned an extremely dirty pad. The receptacle held used kitchen grease, but the sanitation company came in, knocked over the barrels and made a huge thick greasy mess of things.

The first process to power washing this dumpster pad is using a soap that works perfectly for kitchen exhaust grease. Kitchen grease is an organic kind of grease and it’s different from grease you find dripping from cars and in parking lots.

The second step is to spray the soap solution on the greasy surface, leave for a few minutes and scrub it in because the grease stain is so thick.

The third step is to blast with a roto nozzle a couple of times because the grease build-up is so thick, we would need to blast it until we get a clean surface. Rotomax Nozzle:…

For the final step which is the dirty water drainage, we can use a surface cleaner but we set up a vacuum system that sucks the dirty water and stores in our tank which will later be recycled back as clean water.

PRO-TIP: Use a HOT WATER MACHINE. Don’t use cold water machine. This is a HOT water machine cleaning job.

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