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How to Adjust a Pressure Washer Unloader with Larry Hinckley from

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Watch how to adjust a pressure washer unloader with Larry Hinckley, Sr. for Larry explains and demonstrates the proper way to adjust a pressure trapping unloader.

Need an Unloader:

Find a pressure gauge:

You should always know the GPM and pressure (PSI) that your machine is designed to run prior to doing any work on it. Use a Nozzle Selection Chart to determine the best nozzle for your purposes or contact a pressure washer repair facility for that information.

Read a Nozzle Chart:

After installing a new pressure trapping unloader, you will need to adjust the unloading pressure. The first step of the unloader adjustment process is to install a pressure gauge at the pump before the unloader for greater accuracy. Once the gauge is installed, start the engine without a nozzle on the gun and establish a flow of water through the system in order to flush any foreign materials from the lines. Next, install a new fan spray tip that is properly sized to give you the desired pressure for the gallons per minute that your pressure washer is designed to run. Squeeze the trigger on the gun and monitor the pressure reading on the gauge. The object of this process is to adjust the unloader until the gauge indicates the pressure that your machine is designed to run while the trigger is depressed. When you release the trigger, the needle on the gauge should momentarily raise to a maximum of 300-500 psi above your operating pressure. As you are adjusting the pressure, if the gauge’s needle stops rising before the machine reaches the desired pressure, stop the adjusting process and determine why.

You can learn more specifics about pressure washing equipment through our PowerWash 102 course:

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