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Employee advancement happens, How well do you handle it?

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This Wednesday, we are touching on a topic that all employers face, employees moving on. Today, we are talking about employee advancement and how Mike takes a positive spin on employee advancement and wishing them a successful journey forward.

Employee advancement opportunities are central to strong job performance. Advancement and opportunities for promotion encourage stronger job performance because they position employees to demonstrate just how well they can perform their jobs.

An advancement opportunity is a chance to move forward into a new role in a company. Other definitions include the potential for professional development, like employer-funded certifications or continuing education classes.

When a good employee leaves that’s been with you for some time, the first reaction is to take personally. We hire somebody that they come into our organization, we may be a stepping stone for a higher purpose or higher goal that they have for their life.

They would take the opportunity to come to work for you and learn from you and learn skillsets and insight and grow their life from wisdom that you can share within your company so that’s pretty much happened in this situation, and which is good for them. Career advancement is one of the most important elements for employee satisfaction and retention at a company.

That’s why it makes good business sense for organizations of all sizes to spend time developing and maintaining thoughtfully structured career path systems.

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