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Why Max Quat Is More Effective Than Bleach

During this worldwide pandemic, when choosing which sanitizer or disinfectant to bring into your home or to provide for your customers, it can be quite the headache. Luckily, we have already thought of this for you. While conducting research on safe yet effective cleaning chemicals, we discovered that Max Quat (quaternary ammonium surfactant) was superior to store-bought bleach for several reasons such as: toxicity, corrosiveness, lifespan, and versatility.

Bleach, even in a 5% household strength, is highly toxic, to both people and animals, due to its fumes and harsh chemical makeup. Exposure to bleach can cause irritation to the nose or eyes, and if makes contact to skin, can cause extreme redness, burns, or rash. Max Quat, in its ready to use mix, does not have harsh, toxic fumes, that cause damage and virtually doesn’t have an odor.

When applying cleaners to surfaces, don’t you want to be positive that it won’t cause damage? Well, with bleach, you never know if it will cause discoloration or damage when applied. Bleach can ruin floor finishes, grout, clothing, and many other surfaces, due to its oxidizing agents and high alkalinity. Max Quat is low maintenance to store and works with a variety of pH ranges and on a plethora of surfaces (even soft ones)! Max Quat has a neutral pH level of 7 so it can even be applied to wood floors without causing damage and it does not cause any coloration on fabrics. Plus, unlike bleach, it can stay active on surfaces for up to 2 weeks.

If you want to sanitize and clean simultaneously, bleach will not do the trick…it doesn’t contain cleaning agents in its formula. Max Quat has an excellent wide spectrum of germ kill ability, been proven to kill viruses, and does contain cleaning agents in the formula. It’s a win-win!

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