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How to create a house wash mix

How to Create Your House Wash Mix

As with any power washing job, determining the correct house wash mix can prove challenging, and the specific mix needs to be as unique as your customer’s home. Different chemicals, bleaches, and detergents achieve different results, and different surfaces and stains require different compounds. It’s tempting to experiment with multiple detergents and chemicals to create the perfect house wash mix, but it’s not worth your time, money, or resources, not to mention the potential damage the wrong mix will cause. PowerWash Academy is here to help you figure all that out! We’re experts in power washing and love to pass on our extensive knowledge to others. 

The Balanced House Wash Mix 

A good house wash mix needs water, bleach, and a surfactant (detergent). Bleach helps to clean the surface and is essential in targeting organic matter like algae. The surfactant is a compound of chemicals that do many things to increase “Dwell time” to clean the surface. Surfactants/Detergents also remove streaks and water spots with the added benefit of canceling out the bleach scent with something more pleasant. The ratios of water, bleach, and surfactant depend on the surface type for each power washing job and how much buildup needs to be removed. 

The key to any successful house wash mix is always the detergent you purchase. Fortunately, the experts at stock the best detergents and bleach (local pick-up only) in the power washing industry. This short video demonstrates how effective they can be. In fact, not only will your power washing jobs be much easier to perform, but you’ll also notice the savings in costs further down the road. And, of course, the homes you wash will look (and smell) amazing! 

House Wash Mix’s 3 Ingredients and Their Uses

Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)

  • Contractor grade level bleach is 12.5%, which most people buy and use in the power washing industry. 


  • Water dilutes the chemical level of the solution and is used at different ratios for different surfaces. 

Surfactant (Detergent)

  • Suitable detergents help increase dwell time, allowing the surface to stay wet longer.
  • Good Detergents are developed to work on specific surface media like concrete, stucco, vinyl siding, brick, etc.
  • Good quality detergents cover the scent of the bleach.

One Detergent To Rule Them All? 

A detergent to consider is Delux’s Apple Blossom compound. It’s a sodium hydro chlorite enhancer purposely created to cling onto vertical surfaces more than any other detergent on the market. Let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than spending time, money, and resources power-washing a home only to see the detergent ineffectively racing down to the ground! This detergent is top-rated due to its pleasant apple scent, making it a perfect choice for your mix! 

The other feature that it has is the pink dye in the mixture. You’re probably thinking, “Well, I don’t want the house dyed pink! The owner will be furious!” But it won’t. The dye is purely temporary and is there to help power washers keep track of the areas that have already been sprayed, and to reduce the risk of over spraying. When mixed properly, it is time to rinse once the pink has faded.

Using a Downstream Injector

This video shows how we use Delux’s Apple Blossom detergent and a downstream injector to power wash a house—developed by the Guys @ specifically for the most stubborn dirt and grime. Overall, we highly recommend this power washer to anyone looking for a top-quality product.

This injector is a dual-port injector, meaning it can power wash with bleach and surfactant at the same time. In this case, we are using Delux’s Apple Blossom, as it allows us to see exactly where our power washing solution has gone and how effective it is. The color-marking dye is powerful; we’ve diluted 1 gallon of dye/cover scent to 4 gallons of water. That’s before it got pulled through the downstream injector.

High-Quality Detergents from

Investing in high-quality power washer detergents for your house wash mix will give you some fantastic results and satisfy your clients. High-quality power washer detergents are made specifically for the equipment you own and the jobs you do. Visit today, and don’t forget to check out our  Youtube channel and video library for the latest industry news, insider tips, and products to get your power washing jobs done right! 

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How to create a house wash mix
Power Wash Basics
How to Create Your House Wash Mix

As with any power washing job, determining the correct house wash mix can prove challenging, and the specific mix needs …

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