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Dealing with a concrete area covered in grime and grease can be quite the task. Sometimes it may even seem like you are just moving the grime and grease around with no results! I recently spoke with Josh Minx of Southern Clean in Kansas City, MO, who is a loyal customer and an industry professional that has had the (dis)pleasure of cleaning concrete for several years. Josh says, “Clearly Clean Xtreme and Texas Red are my go to chemicals for all concrete cleaning”. Both Clearly Clean Xtreme and Texas Red have the ability to dissolve tough dirt, grease, and filth. Josh mostly uses a 12 volt pump to spray down a mix of four ounces per gallon of Clearly Clean Xtreme, and then allows the chemical to dwell an average of ten minutes on the specific spot. Results may vary based on thickness of the grime, so it is always good to test treat a small area first. For downstreaming, Josh uses eight to ten ounces per gallon, but he prefers using an X-Jet of four to eight ounce per gallon mix. Josh also uses a hot water machine with a surface cleaner afterwards for best results. Additionally, Clearly Clean Xtreme can also be used with a cold water machine or a pump up sprayer using four ounces per gallon, and can warm the surface to help with the cleaning process. Clearly Clean Xtreme is available in a two pound sample size and a fifty pound box.

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