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Efficient Use Of Chemicals

In the world of power washing, soft washing and really any kind of cleaning, different types of soap, detergent, and chemicals are required to get the best results in an efficient manner.  But, where do you start?  If you have done any research at all then you probably recognize that there are thousands of cleaning chemicals on the market.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find all kinds of opinions on those products that can usually lead to even more confusion.  For years most contractors probably didn’t use an exact science to choose the cleaning agent they wanted to use.  Just grab an all-purpose degreaser or perhaps just a regular old dish soap off the shelf at the local hardware or grocery store.  However, there is a ton of studies and research that has gone into making specific chemicals for specific types of cleaning.

To simplify things for those of us that do not have a chemistry background and just want to get our chemicals and go clean, I suggest starting with a reputable supplier that you have or can develop a good relationship with.  A good supplier should be able to provide you the input, suggestions, and right chemicals for the job.  Not only that, but be able to walk you through how to most effectively use the chemical once you receive it.  It is very important before you quote a job that has stains you are unfamiliar with, to have a resource to discuss options and know how to get the best results for your potential customer.

On top of that you will want to know how much you will have to spend on getting a product that will work and get those results.  That is very important information so you can charge that customer an appropriate amount. For example, you go to a customer’s house and tell them you will clean the house and driveway.  However, there are rust stains all along the driveway.  It is important for your customer to know that removing those rust stains will cost extra to remove.  And to remove those stains you will need a special chemical to get them off.  Rust can be very easy to remove with the right product, but be very frustrating if you do not attack it properly.

That is just one example, you have probably experienced or will experience hundreds of other situations that require something special to get it clean.  Is the stain organic, inorganic, is it grease, or even tannin from the leave or acorns?  Do you know how to recognize these things?  If not take some pictures both up close and far off.  Share those with your chemical supplier and let them help. Is it on wood, painted surface, vinyl siding, concrete, or something else? Do tests spots, depending on what type of surface the stain is on can make a difference too.  These are also very aspects to look at.  My point is there is not a one bullet approach to stains.  A do it all cleaner is not typically going to do it all.

I would never want to insult anyone’s intelligence and I know some reading have much more experience than others.  I recognize there are tricks and workarounds that have worked for some of us for years.  You can study chemistry and learn different types of stains, and I absolutely encourage you to do that to better hone your craft.  But for many, no matter the level of experience the right chemical supplier, the knowledge and service you receive is invaluable.  When you are out making money and washing, in my opinion my time is valuable so using the quality resources available makes more sense, even if it cost money.

If we at can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out, we work very hard for our clients.  You will find we have a wide selection of chemicals, detergents and soaps for just about anything you are cleaning.  But, we want to help make sure you get the proper choice for your job.

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