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Do You Use IFTT?

IFTT stands for “If This Then That.” It is a free web service that is connected to all kinds of websites and devices. You can use it to automate tasks and work faster. For example, you could use it to automatically turn your lights on when you get close to your office. IFTT is easy to program and super handy. Here are my favorites for work and personal use.

    • Instantly email my location to someone when I push a button on my phone. The IFTT program is handy if I am in a bad area, or if I need to remember where I parked.
    • Automatically back up pictures to cloud storage.
    • Automatically send an email on a specific day of the week to ask for project updates.
    • Automatically post blog updates to a Facebook page.
    • Get an automatic reminder to bring my lunch with me when I leave home in the mooring
    • Automatically show my todo list when I enter the office in the morning.
    • Automatically sync iOS contacts and Office365 contacts
    •  Push a button on my phone to call myself. This is handy for ditching boring people.
    • Get a notification on my phone if I get an email with a specific subject. This is handy for tracking website up time or downtime. It also comes in handy when my kid’s school sends out reminders and progress reports.

Everyone can find a use for IFTT. If you have never used IFTT, I encourage you to give it a try.

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