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Legacy GM6035R Solid Shaft Pressure Washer Pump

Legacy GM6035R Solid Shaft Pressure Washer Pump

SKU: 8.751-244.0


This 5.6 GPM 3500 PSI Solid Shaft Pressure Washer Pump is a direct replacement for many Hotsy, Landa, and Karcher Pumps. It operates at 1750 RPM.

Designed as a direct replacement for many Hotsy, Landa and Karcher Pumps, this 5.6 GPM 3500 PSI Solid Shaft Pressure Washer Pump also boasts a 5-year warranty and a stronger crankcase housing with thicker aluminum cross members and mounting feet for added strength. It also includes:

  • Super strong two-piece connecting rods designed with double feeder grooves to maximize lubrication for a dramatically cooler running pump.

  • High temperature long-life Seals correctly fitted for each pump.

  • Dacromet® finish on manifold bolts ads extra protection.

  • Oil level dipstick is vented, allowing for heat expansion. Oil level sight glass allows for quick and easy oil inspection.

  • Premium European quality tapered roller bearings on both the drive-side and opposite-drive-side of the pump allow for heavier and demanding loads while greatly reducing noise levels and heat build-up.

  • Precision machined hollow crankshafts for easy assembly and disassembly. Solid-shaft models have a full 55mm shaft length to easily accept pulley and sheaves.

  • Polished stainless steel plunger rod reduces friction heat for a smoother and cooler operation.

  • Precision ground and highly polished solid ceramic plungers designed and manufactured to withstand dramatic temperature and pressure spikes.

  • Revolutionary forged brass heads with exclusive “deepwell- sealing” valve caps eliminate any head pressure effects to the valve cap and valve cap thread.


  • Maximum Volume: 5.6 GPM

  • Maximum Discharge Pressure: 3500 PSI

  • Maximum Pump Speed: 1750 RPM

  • 24mm Solid Shaft Diameter

  • 1/2” FPT Inlet

  • 3/8” FPT Outlet

  • Approximate Weight: 22 lbs.

  • 5-Year Warranty

Weight 23 lbs


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