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Mosmatic 21″ Gum Remover with Plastic Ring

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Got a Gum Graveyard to Clean? Get the Mosmatic Gum Remover! For hygienic reasons, the Plastic Ring prevents product adherence for purity regulation in the food and clinical industries.

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 19 × 10 in


Got a Gum Graveyard to Clean? Get the Gum Remover! Mosmatic makes your work easier with an “all-in-one” product for effective and efficient cleaning of public spaces like railway stations, parks or school grounds that are covered with hundreds of unsightly wads of chewing gum. The gum is broken up and removed by the special nozzle* attached to the back of the surface cleaner. This means that the surface cleaner takes care of chewing gum in an eco-friendly way without using chemical detergents.

For hygienic reasons, the Plastic Ring prevents product adherence for purity regulation in the food and clinical industries.

Features include:

Recycling Function
The used water including the residue is suctioned through the double-walled housing. Using a recycling system, the water can be recovered. The process is eco-friendly because the water that has already been used during cleaning can be used again.

Height-Adjustable Housing
Different floor textures require height-adjustable housing. Four adjustable screws are used to adjust the housing to the floor. The suction power is also significantly improved by adjusting the housing.

High Quality Swivel
The centerpieces of a Mosmatic Surface Cleaner is it’s swivel. It is reinforced with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearings with a carbide gasket system. They are specially designed for high revolutions ensuring long lasting durability.

Precision Rotor Arm
The turbo rotary arm must withstand high revolutions, so a precision robot takes over the necessary welding tasks. The rotary arm is also counterbalanced and precisely equilibrated, which prevents dangerous vibrations.

Relax-Action Function
Ease of use and fatigue-protection thanks to a high-pressure pistol with ergonomic relax-action function.


  • Surface Cleaning Diameter: 21″

  • Pressure: 5000 PSI

  • Max Temperature: 250 F

  • Weight: 44 lbs.

  • Swivel: 1x DYCI

  • Rotor Arm: 2x 1/8″ NPTF

  • Rotor Nozzles: Two (2) 1503 (15-Degree Size 3)

  • HP-Gun: 2x

  • Stainless Steel Castors: 4x 4″

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