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DRIPLOC Type1 Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit

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DRIPLOC’s newest Hinge Kit is easy to install on commercial kitchen exhaust fans (only 10 minutes). They allow hood cleaners the necessary access required to clean the hood exhaust system and will prevent costly repairs to the exhaust fan.

DRIPLOC’s recent redesign adds some exciting new features like the new Safety Stop that prevents the fan from falling forward while you are cleaning or working on the fan. It is also machine-stamped which eliminated welds and added additional angles and gussets for a much stronger hinge design.

This DRIPLOC hinge kit is proven to work and is one of the most affordable hinge kits available today. It is shipped complete with hinges, chains and screws to install during a nightly cleaning. One DRIPLOC hinge kit is necessary for each hood exhaust fan.

All DRIPLOC hinge kits are made from heavy-duty steel. They will last for years and support the weight of most any exhaust fan. And most importantly, because of their design, DRIPLOC hinges are the easiest to install.

Will bring exhaust fans up to NFPA #96 Fire Code

Includes new Safety Stop feature to prevent fan from falling forward
Prevents costly damage to exhaust fan, roof and electrical wiring

Allows easy access for total cleaning and inspection

Affordably priced

Includes: 2 Hinges, 2 Safety Chains, 12 Screws, 4 Nuts and 4 Bolts

Weight 1 lbs
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