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What separates the Stinger from any competition is our revolutionary “Variable Speed Control Head Technology”. By simply adjusting the angle of the spray arms located on top of the cleaning head you can adjust your clean RPM from 0-3200 while not giving up any volume, pressure or temperature of your pressure washer.

The current heads on the market have a fixed (approx.) 3200 RPM spray head which results in a premature bearing loss, seal lockups and ineffective cleaning of the spray heads. Bottom line, speed kills.

If you’ve spent any time pressure washing, you quickly realize the importance of slowing your wand down when cleaning any surface. If you whisk back and forth quickly over a piece of gum, for example, the gum simply won’t move; but if you hold the nozzle on the surface for just 1 second you allow the water stream to penetrate into the surface resulting in a deeper more effective clean.


Driploc Stinger 6″ Variable Speed Duct Spinner

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The 6″ STINGER Duct Cleaner with Variable Speed Control is revolutionizing the way we clean ductwork today. Slow RPM allows the spray pattern to impact the duct wall at a higher PSI as well as allow the spray to stay together longer resulting in a larger diameter of the duct being cleaned. Whether the ductwork is horizontal or vertical, the STINGER is an ideal tool for the job. Great for cleaning hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas, as well.

Some added benefits from the slow-controlled RPM are:

  • You can use all the heat your washer can produce without causing the swivel to lock up like other brands.
  • You don’t have to turn down the PSI output of your washer because low RPM doesn’t cause bearings to seize.
  • Low RPM reduces friction which reduces both seal and bearing failure.
  • Great tools pay for themselves with saved labor, chemical, and fuel, as well as downtime.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Weight 1 lbs




Spinner Arms


Number of Nozzles

2 Nozzles

Speed Control

Varriable Speed

Duct Spinner Size

6 inch

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