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PM Bleach Neutralizer

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Use PM Bleach Neutralizer to protect your equipment from damage. It contains a buffering that keeps caustic cleaners from destroying your machines and parts. Specifically formulated for use on bleach-washed surfaces, you can trust this product to preserve the lifespan of your entire set up.


PM Bleach Neutralizer is specially formulated to reduce the damaging effects of caustic cleaners containing bleach or sodium hydroxide. Use it at the end of the day to clean your vehicles, trailers, and equipment. Rinse the inside of your soft wash system to prolong the life of your pumps and hoses. Use it as a final rinse on siding, windows, wood fences, and decks. PM Bleach Neutralizer will help reduce hard water spotting on windows and even add shine to weathered vinyl siding.


  • Daily Equipment Wash: Pour 8 ounces of PM Bleach Neutralizer into a hose-end sprayer. Spray down the entire truck, inside and out, undercarriage, bed, in and around equipment, and agitate with a truck brush where able. Rinse the vehicle with clean water.
  • Equipment Rinse-Out: Add 4 ounces of PM Bleach Neutralizer to 5 gallons of water. Connect a small jumper hose to the clean water rinse port on your Soft Wash System. Allow the PM Bleach Neutralizer solution to be drawn up into the system.
  • Post-Cleaning Rinse: Pour 8 ounces of PM Bleach Neutralizer into a hose-end sprayer. Spray down the entire surface if you wish to protect or post rinse. Once residuals of caustics have been removed, rinse the surface with clean water.
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