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EBC Enviro Bio Cleaner concrete cleaner (55gal KIT)

SKU: EBC-55Kit


EBC Enviro Bio Cleaner is easy on the environment, and heavy on results. Ebc enviro works by breaking down molecules in greases and oils to ensure a top-notch clean. This product is produced for general use.

EBC hits hard and fast, with less impact on the user and environment. EBC is the fully effective, water-based cleaning product you have been searching for! This versatile cleaner safely breaks down the molecular bonds which holds oils together, making it an excellent choice for use as an industrial strength degreaser as well as an effective, multi-use all purpose cleaner.
• Water-Based
• Non-Toxic
• Biodegradable
• Eco-Friendly
• Non-Flammable
• No Flash Point
• No Chlorinated Solvents
• No Butyl
• Non-Caustic

Weight 500 lbs
Gallon Amount

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