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The PW909300K Trigger Gun Kit is the perfect kit to go along side your pressure washer. This kit is the right mix of performance and versatility, so you can have confidence to take on any project you face. The star of this kit is the trigger gun. This trigger gun is constructed with a comfortable gripped handle to reduce fatigue. This spray gun also features a nozzle holder located on the top of the gun for easy and convenient storage. The PW909300K also comes with a 25-foot super soft hose, that is capable to withstand up to 2,900 max PSI. This hose is also very flexible, making it user friendly for storage. This kit also features a durable steel lance built with an M22 inlet and a quick connect outlet. Also included in this kit is the 25-ounce foam cannon, with a quick connect tip. Fight tough dirt and grime with ease using a specialty detergent, which can easily be used in this foam cannon. This kit also comes with 5 quick connect nozzles. The spray pattern of these nozzles are: zero-degrees, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40-degrees, and the turbo nozzle. Equip your pressure washer with the tools to get the job done, look no further than the PW909300K Trigger Gun Kit so you can clean with confidence.

Weight 5 lbs
Max Volume

3.0 GPM

Max Discharge Pressure

2000 PSI

Max Pump Speed

3400 RPM

Inlet Port

1/2-14 BSPP-F

Discharge Port

3/8" MPT



Hollow Shaft

.750 in / 19.05 mm




Excellent for electric, cold water pressure washers.

Trigger Gun: This trigger gun is constructed with a nozzle holder located on the top of the trigger gun so you can store your nozzles with ease. Reduce fatigue with the full integrated trigger and built-in gripped handle.

M22 Connection: This trigger gun is constructed with an M22 x 15mm inlet and an M22 x 11.5 outlet, which maximizes versatility.

25-Foot Hose: This 25-foot hose is extremely flexible and forgiving. The max psi rating of this hose is 2,900, and a max temperature rating of 140℉.

Metal M22 Lance: Constructed with an M22 inlet and a quick connect outlet this lance is extremely functional and user friendly. Switch between attachment with ease using the quick connect system.

25 Ounce Foam Cannon: Cut through dirt and grime with ease using the 25-ounce quick connect foam cannon. Easily snap your foam cannon into place with any capable quick connect lance, and start cleaning.

Red Nozzle: The red quick connect nozzle has a zero-degree spray pattern, which is ideal for direct cleaning on smaller cleaning surfaces.

Yellow Nozzle: The yellow quick connect nozzle has a 15-degree spray pattern, which is great for precise cleaning over small to medium sized surfaces.

Green Nozzle: The green quick connect nozzle has a 25-degree spray pattern, which is perfect for delicate cleaning over medium to large surfaces.

White Nozzle: The white quick connect nozzle has a 40-degree spray pattern, which is great for general cleaning over large surfaces

Turbo Nozzle: The quick connect turbo nozzle is an oscillating spray tip, this is perfect for direct cleaning over small to medium surfaces.

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