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This AR Jetter Valve for XT & XM Series Pumps is used to convert a standard triplex plunger pump into a sewer cleaning pump and has a maximum PSI rating of 3000.

Annovi Reverberi

Annovi Reverberi AR Jetter Valve for XT & XM Series Pumps

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SKU: AR40235
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Jetter valves are used to convert standard triplex plunger pumps into a sewer cleaning pump. The disabler pulse valves have adjustable levers enabling the pump to be changed to either configuration, by turning the handle on the valve. When fully engaged the valve stops the center valve from operating. This causes the pump to pulsate generating the jetting action needed for pipe cleaning.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic, Easy to grasp handle

  • Creates flow pulsations on demand to increase efficiency in nozzle movement and cleaning power

  • Allows both full-flow and pulsation modes

  • Easy to install

Weight 2 lbs
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