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The Lonn Chlorine Fog Gun operates on air to quickly fog entire interior rooms and spaces. It’s the ideal unit for spraying chlorine solutions and other sanitizers. Originally designed for fogging milk storage areas, the Fog Gun has been highly accepted by breweries and other industries where sanitizing of tanks or cans are required by various Boards of Health. Also, many industries have adapted this unit for the sanitizing of various machines. The amount of chemical agent used is controlled by the operator and the pressure they apply to the handle assembly. Should air be required after completion of the sanitizing, this unit may be converted to an air gun by simply removing the siphon hose from the vessel containing the chemical agent. The chemical manufacturer’s specifications should be followed at all times. Available as a gun only without siphon attachments, with a bottle as shown or with a 8′ siphon hose.


Alspray Straight Fog Gun with Plastic Bottle

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1. Siphoned chemical will only come into contact with stainless steel tube assembly when in operation. Parts of handle are nickel plated brass.
2. The handle hose is manufactured from neoprene base tube and wrapped with 3 ply reinforcement carrying a temperature range of – 40°F to 150°F with a minimum burst of 360 psi.
3. All siphon hose is constructed of nitrile rubber.
4. Will operate without adjustment on any air pressure from 35 psi to 175 psi. Do not operate at less than 35 psi.
5. Equipped with 1/4″ NPT Female Air inlet
6. Proper safety equipment should be utilized at all times when operating this unit.

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