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Gutter Ball - Gutter Cleaning Tool

SKU: GB-10


This unique gutter cleaning tool will remove leaves, dirt, and even rooted trees from gutters while you are still safe on the ground.

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Gutter Ball is a gutter cleaning tool designed by pressure washing professionals for pressure washing professionals. With the elbow attachment that comes standard with Gutter Ball and the use of telescoping wands gutters can be cleaned in excess of 25 feet high while the operator stays safely on the ground.

The patented nozzle design assures the debris is broken free and rinsed out of the gutter onto the ground. The 2 opposing nozzles are evenly matched so the recoil from one nozzle is offset by the other. This assures that the operator can run Gutter Ball with all the pressure needed and not experience any recoil issues.

Weight 3 lbs

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