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DRIPLOC Exhaust Fan Access Panel-4 PACK

SKU: LL1100-4


If you can’t visibly see the area you are trying to clean then you can’t properly clean or verify those hard to access areas. Even the slightest grease or carbon build up on the exhaust fan blades can be enough to effect the fan to become off balance. This causes noisy fans, roof vibrations, unnecessary belt wear, and generally costly bearing failure.

Rugged Weatherproof Construction

• Heavy duty, HNBR rubber bonded to closed cell foam
• Corrosion resistant zinc plated hardware Easy Installation & Operation
• Fits most commercial fan bases
• Space saving design
• Installs in less than 30 minutes from the out side of the fan
• Retaining spring arms hold panel in place
• Eyebolt facilitates removal
• Provides 4” access opening for inspection and cleaning of fan blades Code Compliant
• In compliance with requirements of NFPA Standard 96 and

Weight 5 lbs


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