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Keep your awnings looking like new and protected from damaging UV rays with our NEW! 2-in-1 Vinyl Awning Treatment. It boasts a balanced system of cleaning & UV inhibitors.


AC-52 2-in-1 Concentrated Vinyl Awning Cleaner and UV Protectant

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A balance of detergents to clean dirt and pollution from vinyl awnings and UV inhibitors to deter the damaging effect of sun and weather. Protection will make your next cleaning much easier. One gallon of concentrated cleaner can make up to sixteen gallons of brush on solution. it can be used as a heavy duty cleaner or for light duty scheduled maintenance. Click here for the AC-52 Vinyl Awning Cleaner Using Canvas & Vinyl Super Awning Cleaner maintenance system with an awning maintenance pole: Insert pick-up tube into Canvas & Vinyl Super Awning Cleaner container. Turn water valve to the “on” position and adjust the metering valve to optimum cleaning level (refer to manufacturer’s recommendations to start). Clean each awning from the bottom to the top for best results and to prevent streaking. Turn metering valve off and use the clear water to rinse. Always rinse immediately to avoid streaking. Hand Cleaning: Mix 8 ounces of Canvas & Vinyl Super Awning Cleaner into 1 gallon of water. Using a brush of medium stiffness or an awning sponge, gently but firmly scrub awning from bottom to top. Rinse immediately with clear water. Foam Generating Systems: Mix 2 to 4 ounces of Canvas & Vinyl Super Awning Cleaner per gallon of water in the holding tank. Lay out foam in an even pattern using brush to spread the foam. Allow to stand on awning surface for 3 to 5 minutes. Scrub with brush as required and rinse. After using Canvas & Vinyl Super Awning Cleaner, Vinyl Awning Protectant must be applied to reseal the vinyl and extend the life of the awning,
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