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Prevent debris from entering the pump by using this Chemical Strainer with a Check Valve. Soap enters through strainer preventing debris from entering the pump. Pack of 4 Strainers.
The ST-2605 Trigger Gun's exclusive "relax-action trigger" and comfort grip reduces trigger force up to 20% and holding force up to 60%.
Suttner ST-54 Dual Lance Wand: 4500 PSI, 300°F max temp, 65 deg. x 30 soap nozzle, 1/4" M inlet, 1/4" F x 1/4" F outlet.
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The Suttner ST-1500 5000 PSI Trigger Spray Gun is a powerful and reliable tool for tackling tough cleaning jobs. It features a durable stainless steel construction, a comfortable ergonomic handle, and a trigger lock for safety. The gun is capable of delivering up to 5000 PSI of pressure, making it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and removing stubborn dirt and grime. It also has a variable spray pattern, allowing you to adjust the water flow to suit your needs. The Suttner ST-1500 is the perfect choice for tackling tough cleaning jobs with ease and efficiency.
Boasting a ceramic ball valve, the Suttner ST-2315 Trigger Spray Gun is highly resistant against nearly all soaps and acids. It also features an easy pull trigger and comfort grip.

The increased tearing action of the Suttner ST-357 Turbo Nozzle is ideal for hard surface applications, such as concrete graffiti cleaning or caked mud on heavy equipment.

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If you have extreme abuse applications, the ST-2305 is up for the challenge with it's handle constructed of impact resistant plastic. It's comfort technology designed with an easy-pull trigger and comfortable grip. This upgraded model includes a 3/8 inch female stainless steel swivel inlet.
There's a reason the ST-2000 Trigger Spray Gun is one of the most popular Spray Guns in the industry - it's because it's also the strongest made in its class taking heat and abuse.
Bring your inoperable or worn out ST-1500 or ST-2000 Trigger Spray Gun back to life with this unitized repair kit.
The all stainless steel internal components of the ST-2700 SS Spray Gun create a durable long lasting trigger gun, especially suitable when using corrosive chemical.
Very suitable when using corrosive chemicals, this 36 inch, 6000 PSI Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Wand boasts a comfort technology designed molded grip that conforms to the curvature of your hand, allowing you to comfortably change positions. Linear aeration provides continuous air flow between your hand and the exclusive Suttner "star-shaped" grip. The grip is directly molded on to the lance to provide additional protection and strength. The ST-002 is considered the favorite molded grip lance design in the industry.