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Boost Your Cleaning Efficiency with the Delux® Assassin™ Stainless Steel Long Range Nozzle Experience unparalleled precision with the Delux® Assassin™ Stainless Steel Long Range Nozzle, exclusively from Made from durable 304 stainless steel, this nozzle excels in durability, resisting solvents, acids, bases, and heat. Its extended barrel design ensures maximum reach without losing flow.
  • Long-Range Power: Reach up to 60 feet with a 7-12 GPM machine, or up to 40 feet with a 4-6 GPM machine.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with pressure washers and soft wash systems.
  • Quick Setup: Requires a 1/4" stainless steel female plug quick coupler.
Upgrade your cleaning arsenal today with this nozzle, approved for drone use, and tackle high-reach tasks effortlessly! SUGGESTED NOZZLE SIZE #15 1.5-2.0 GPM #20 2.5-3.0 GPM #30 3.5-4.0 GPM #40 4.5-6.0 GPM #50 6.5-7.5 GPM #60 8.0-9.0 GPM Consult our nozzle chart to determine which size is best for you.
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Crystal Clear Restore get then new look Again! Elevate your cleaning game with Crystal Clear Restore, the ultimate champion against tough stains on brick, concrete, wood, and stucco. Infused with the power of oxalic acid, this advanced formula tackles rust, hard water marks, and stubborn grime, restoring your surfaces to their pristine condition. Whether it's refreshing a grimy patio or prepping a deck for staining, Crystal Clear Restore delivers top-tier results. Ready to see your space shine like new? Grab Crystal Clear Restore today and watch stubborn stains disappear!
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Revitalize Your Cleaning Business with the Delux® Mustang Mini Pressure Washing Skid - Approved for Drone USE! Exclusively available at, the Delux® Mustang Mini Pressure Washing Skid is the perfect tool to expand your cleaning services. Perfect to use for pressure washing with a drone or surface cleaning with the Lava Bot surface robot.
  • Compact Design: 4' aluminum skid with ladder rack and shelf.
  • Dual Functionality: 5.5 GPM, 4000 PSI pressure washer and 7.0 GPM, 100 PSI softwash system.
  • Superior Hoses: 150' double braid grey pressure hose, 150' crush-resistant garden hose, and 200' soft wash Kuritec hose.
  • Efficient Tanks: 55-gallon water tank, 55-gallon bleach tank, and 7-gallon soap tank.
  • Organized Hose Reels: Three Delux manual crank hose reels.
Revolutionize your cleaning business with unmatched power and precision. Order now and take your cleaning services to new heights!
✨ Experience the Magic of Windows Plus: Your Shine Revolution! ✨ Elevate Cleaning to an Art with Windows Plus! Unveil a world where surfaces gleam with perfection. Infused with the groundbreaking FORMULA M, Windows Plus banishes tough grime and streaks, leaving a gentle scent and unrivaled clarity. It's not just a cleaner; it's a symbol of pristine environments, from bustling kitchens to vibrant offices. Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Surfaces: Ideal for windows, stainless steel, chrome, and more, it ensures a kind touch with powerful cleaning action. 🌈 Upgrade Your Cleaning Arsenal with Windows Plus – Sparkling Surfaces Await! Grab Yours Today at - Unleash Brilliance in Every Corner! 🛒✨
The Maverick Stampede is the affordable answer to starting a full time Soft Wash business. OR the perfect platform to grow your business by adding additional crews. The Maverick Stampede is California friendly and has everything needed to go straight to the jobs-site. Just pop in a battery, add Water (SH, soap too) then start making money.  The Guys at have revolutionized the soft washing industry with the Maverick Stampede.  The small foot print and light weight nature means the Stampede fits in small trucks and small trailers (L48xW40XH48).  The Maverick Stampede’s 12v powerplant has the quiet power that California commercial soft washers need.  This system includes a proportioner and 3 tanks to make getting the right mix quick and easy. This kit also includes access to the world famous Power Wash Academy including all training needed to successfully enter/grow your soft washing  business.  Want to know more Call us 1-800-433-2113 Apply for Financing! Click Here  
Elevate Your Business with the Affordable Stallion Stampede Gas Soft Wash System! Step into the world of professional cleaning with the Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System, your most affordable ticket to launching and expanding your softwashing business. Designed with growth in mind, this compact yet mighty machine is the ideal starting point for budding entrepreneurs and the perfect platform to scale up to multiple crews. Compact enough to fit in small trucks with a footprint of just 40" x 48", the Stallion Stampede is not just about space efficiency; it's about power and precision. It features a robust Vanguard 14HP engine that delivers an impressive 11 GPM water flow and up to 300 PSI pressure, making it a formidable tool against the toughest of grime. Equipped with two 55-gallon tanks and a 7-gallon tank, coupled with the best proportioner in the market, transitioning between jobs is effortlessly smooth. The system includes a 200-foot hose, professional-grade spray gun, and a J-ROD with multiple nozzles, ensuring versatility for various cleaning tasks. Whether it's soft washing houses, roofs, decks, or patios, or tackling dirt and mildew on siding and fences, the Stallion Stampede does it all. Its user-friendly design ensures easy operation and maintenance, making it a reliable choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Invest in the Stallion Stampede today, and take the first step towards a flourishing softwashing empire. **Grab this opportunity to make your mark in the cleaning industry with the Stallion Stampede – where affordability meets efficiency and growth!**
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