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This pressure washing gun has a maximum pressure of 350 PSI and an inlet swivel for gas soft wash systems. It is available in red.
The Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System with J-ROD SOFT WASH NOZZLE KIT is contractor grade soft wash machine. This Machine is optimal for low pressure roof cleaning, and house washing. A rust proof aluminum frame wraps around a reliable 200cc motor and an AR 45 durable, long lasting use. A stainless steel hose reel sits on top of the frame with 200 feet of chemical resistant hose ,includes trigger gun ,wand and J-ROD SOFT WASH NOZZLE KIT. The Station Soft Wash System is capable of moving 9.6 gallons per minute at pressures up to 145 PSI. All Stallions are made to order from the point of sale.Arrives within up to 25 days of purchase.

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