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Meet the M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle – your all-in-one solution for effortless and efficient cleaning! With a unique twist mechanism, this nozzle switches seamlessly between powerful jet streams and gentle mists, eliminating the need for multiple nozzles. Crafted for durability and comfort, it's your go-to for versatile and fatigue-free cleaning. From the creators of X-JET, the M5DS offers an adjustable spray pattern from 0 to 60 degrees with a simple twist. Choose from three sizes to match your needs: 2-3 GPM (up to 40 feet), 3-7 GPM (up to 50 feet), and 7-12 GPM (up to 60 feet). Save time, money, and storage space with this game-changing nozzle – perfect for car washing, garden watering, and more! Please note it's not compatible with M5XJET or XJET ORIGINAL. Upgrade your cleaning routine today on Amazon!
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This 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station - Maverick is a powerful and efficient cleaning system for outdoor surfaces. It features a slim mixing station for easy storage and portability. This product is a 12V soft wash system with a slim mixing station, designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. The Maverick 12V Soft Wash System with Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station is the perfect solution for any professional or DIYer looking to tackle tough cleaning jobs. This system is designed to provide maximum power and efficiency while still being lightweight and easy to use. The 12V motor provides up to 4.5 GPM of water flow, allowing you to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. The Sidewinder Pro Slim Mixing Station allows you to mix your own cleaning solutions, giving you the flexibility to customize your cleaning job. The station features a built-in pressure gauge, allowing you to easily monitor the pressure of your cleaning solution. The system also includes a 50-foot hose, allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas. The system is designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect choice for any professional or DIYer.
The EB5030HG-20 Cold Water Pressure Washer is a powerful and reliable cleaning solution for any job. It features a powerful 2.0 HP motor, a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI, and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, making it ideal for tackling tough cleaning tasks. It also has a 20-foot hose and a variety of nozzles for different cleaning needs. The EB5030HG-20 is easy to use and maintain, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. With its powerful motor, high pressure, and versatile nozzles, this cold water pressure washer is the perfect choice for any job.
Elevate Your Business with the Affordable Stallion Stampede Gas Soft Wash System! Step into the world of professional cleaning with the Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System, your most affordable ticket to launching and expanding your softwashing business. Designed with growth in mind, this compact yet mighty machine is the ideal starting point for budding entrepreneurs and the perfect platform to scale up to multiple crews. Compact enough to fit in small trucks with a footprint of just 40" x 48", the Stallion Stampede is not just about space efficiency; it's about power and precision. It features a robust Vanguard 14HP engine that delivers an impressive 11 GPM water flow and up to 300 PSI pressure, making it a formidable tool against the toughest of grime. Equipped with two 55-gallon tanks and a 7-gallon tank, coupled with the best proportioner in the market, transitioning between jobs is effortlessly smooth. The system includes a 200-foot hose, professional-grade spray gun, and a J-ROD with multiple nozzles, ensuring versatility for various cleaning tasks. Whether it's soft washing houses, roofs, decks, or patios, or tackling dirt and mildew on siding and fences, the Stallion Stampede does it all. Its user-friendly design ensures easy operation and maintenance, making it a reliable choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Invest in the Stallion Stampede today, and take the first step towards a flourishing softwashing empire. **Grab this opportunity to make your mark in the cleaning industry with the Stallion Stampede – where affordability meets efficiency and growth!**
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This Annovi Reverberi pressure washer pump is designed for high-pressure cleaning applications and features a hollow shaft for easy installation.
Ready Built Complete Pressure Washing Trailer.  Time to start or grow your Business this rig is for you. Tow Pro Trailer Super Skid Pro VBelt Gas 20 Honda/General 5.5@3500 is the perfect trailer for your Pressure washing needs. With a powerful 5.5HP engine and 3500PSI and 5.5 GPM of hot waster is all you need to maximize earning potential and or get into the commercial washing industry.
The DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine is the perfect solution for all your hot water needs. It features a powerful heating element that can heat up water in just minutes, and its adjustable temperature control allows you to customize the temperature to your preference. The machine also has a built-in safety shut-off feature that prevents it from overheating. Its compact design makes it easy to store and transport, and its energy-efficient design helps you save money on your energy bills. With its powerful performance, adjustable temperature control, safety shut-off feature, compact design, and energy-efficiency, the DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine is the perfect choice for all your hot water needs.
This DELUX® RK-43 5535-C Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer is a powerful 5.5 GPM machine designed for heavy-duty cleaning.
This Delux® RK-43 8030 Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer 8 GPM is a powerful and efficient cleaning tool for commercial use. It is designed to provide maximum cleaning power with minimal effort.
This 4 GPM 4200 PSI Belt Drive Cold Water Pressure Washer is a powerful and reliable cleaning tool. It features a belt drive system for increased power and durability, a 4 GPM flow rate for efficient cleaning, and a 4200 PSI pressure rating for tackling tough jobs. It also has a heavy-duty steel frame for added stability and a 50-foot hose for extended reach. This pressure washer is perfect for cleaning decks, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces, and its robust design ensures long-lasting performance.

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