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Revitalize Your Cleaning Business with the Delux® Mustang Mini Pressure Washing Skid - Approved for Drone USE! Exclusively available at, the Delux® Mustang Mini Pressure Washing Skid is the perfect tool to expand your cleaning services. Perfect to use for pressure washing with a drone or surface cleaning with the Lava Bot surface robot.
  • Compact Design: 4' aluminum skid with ladder rack and shelf.
  • Dual Functionality: 5.5 GPM, 4000 PSI pressure washer and 7.0 GPM, 100 PSI softwash system.
  • Superior Hoses: 150' double braid grey pressure hose, 150' crush-resistant garden hose, and 200' soft wash Kuritec hose.
  • Efficient Tanks: 55-gallon water tank, 55-gallon bleach tank, and 7-gallon soap tank.
  • Organized Hose Reels: Three Delux manual crank hose reels.
Revolutionize your cleaning business with unmatched power and precision. Order now and take your cleaning services to new heights!
Unleash the Power of the ALUMINATOR TWO Skid! Experience a game-changing transformation for your truck bed space with the ALUMINATOR TWO Skid, brought to you exclusively by Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, this skid redefines durability, convenience, and efficiency. Elevate your trade with its self-standing platform, complete with up to three versatile shelves and a fully adjustable ladder rack (42-49 inches). It's the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their equipment. Take your power washing game to the next level – ship this versatile skid to any of the 48 states! The precision-machined adjustable ladder rack and optional surface cleaner rack make it the most dynamic skid available. Assembly is a breeze, taking less than an hour, and its corrosion-resistant build ensures years of trouble-free service. **Key Features:** - **Corrosion-Resistant Excellence**: Crafted entirely from top-tier USA-produced aluminum and stainless materials. - **Customize Your Reach**: Achieve the perfect height with the adjustable ladder rack. - **Built for the Toughest Tasks**: Laser-cut shelves provide unmatched support for heavy-duty jobs. - **Compact and Agile**: Easy maneuverability and hassle-free assembly. - **Adapt to Your Needs**: Easily remove and transfer it for seasonal storage or truck changes. - **Tailor It Your Way**: Ideal for adding your own equipment. - **Cost-Efficient Shipping**: Ships flat-packed to minimize shipping costs. **Enhance Your Setup:** - **Heavy-Duty Cleaning**: Add a Heavy-duty Surface Cleaner Mount. - **Extra Space**: Opt for a Third Tailgate Shelf for additional equipment. Available in multiple sizes (4 ft, 6.6 ft, and 8 ft), the ALUMINATOR TWO Skid promises unparalleled value. Make a smart investment, as its durability and versatility translate into long-term savings. Experience a revolutionary transportation solution with integrated tie-down points and effortless customization. Don't miss this opportunity – supercharge your business with the ALUMINATOR TWO Skid today!

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