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Delux 5360 Diaphragm Pump

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Delux D5360 Softwash Diaphragm Pump

Delux D5360 Softwash Diaphragm Pump

Boost Your Cleaning Power with Delux 5360 Diaphragm Pump Perfect for SH and your soft wash mix! Get ready to transform your cleaning tasks with the Delux 5360 Diaphragm Pump! Tailored for peak efficiency and unmatched reliability, this pump is more than just a tool – it's your key to conquering any cleaning challenge. Its self-priming prowess and damage-proof dry running capability set it apart as a top choice for professionals. Features like the energy-saving Smart Demand Switch, a robust 12 VDC motor, and an impressive 5.3 GPM flow rate ensure quick, efficient cleans every time. Tackle high-pressure tasks effortlessly with its 100 PSI shut-off and handle hot liquids up to 140°. Its durable polypropylene build and NSF standard 58 certification guarantee reliability and safety. Ready to Upgrade Your Cleaning Arsenal? Choose Delux 5360 for a powerful, durable solution to all your cleaning needs. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in superior cleaning performance. Order Now on and Take Your Cleaning to the Next Level! 🌊🚀💧
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