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🌟 Transform your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Business with the DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine – the powerhouse designed for success! 🌟 🚀 Elevate Efficiency: Unleash 5.5 GPM at 3500 PSI, ensuring instant hot water on demand for your kitchen exhaust cleaning jobs. This turnkey package comes complete with a fully equipped van,, and Powerwash Academy Certification for a seamless operation. 🔥 Hot Water, Anytime: The DELUX® Wolverine features a robust heating element and digital temperature control system, delivering precise temperatures for superior cleaning. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to efficient results! 💪 Built to Last: Crafted with a durable stainless steel frame, this machine is designed for longevity. The 8-gallon gas tank and enhanced burner protection ensure reliability, making it the ultimate solution for your business. 🔧 Easy Mounting: The stainless steel frame provides protection and makes it a breeze to mount on your truck or trailer. Get ready for a streamlined and professional setup. 🛍️ Comprehensive Accessories: This listing includes everything you need – from 50 feet of 3/8 inch pressure hose to insulated wands, trigger guns, and a set of color-coded nozzles. No more hassles, just high-quality accessories to get the job done right. 🚚 Van Features: - 200' Grey Non-Marking Hose - Water and Chemical Tanks with Auto Shut-off Garden Hose Connection - Pressure Washer Hose Reel and Garden Hose Reel - Complete Plumbing Installation and Super Soaker Chemical Injection - 48" and 79" Wands, Additional Trigger Guns 🧼 Top-Notch Cleaning Agents: Our package includes premium cleaning agents like Green Beast Kitchen Degreaser and Super Foaming Booster, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. 🎓 Training and Certification: Become an expert with full-day hands-on training and interactive instruction. Phil Ackland Certification Testing, NFPA-96 compliance, and all necessary documents are provided, along with a hotel stay. 🔥 Upgrade your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Business today with the DELUX® Wolverine Hot Water Machine on Amazon. Click 'Add to Cart' now and experience the next level of efficiency and success! 🚀✨
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