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Unleash Efficiency with the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer: The Ultimate Upgrade!   Step up your cleaning performance with the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer, the ultimate choice for covering extensive areas with precision and ease. Designed with a potent 100 psi pump and a robust 12v system, this sprayer ensures a consistent, uninterrupted flow, making it ideal for a flawless application of chemicals or stains.   Sprayer Highlights: - Efficient Coverage: The 1/2" x 24" PVC wand and 75' chemical-resistant hose allow you to reach up to 25 feet, perfect for tackling large spaces. - Rugged Design: Features an aluminum frame and Never Flat Tires, built to handle any terrain. - Substantial Capacity: A 20-gallon tank with an extra-wide lid facilitates quick refills, reducing downtime. - Versatile Use: From fleet washing to agricultural applications, this sprayer is equipped for diverse cleaning needs including power washing, graffiti removal, and construction site cleanup.   Transform Your Approach to Cleaning! Upgrade to the Wrangler Chemical Sprayer for faster, more effective cleaning across any environment. Ready to boost your efficiency? Order now and experience the power of professional-grade equipment!
Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System Unlock professional-grade cleaning power with the Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System. Featuring a 12V, 7 GPM Delux Diaphragm pump, this system delivers a high flow rate of 7 GPM at 100 PSI, making it perfect for tackling tough jobs with ease. Designed to handle caustic chemicals, it includes 205 feet of chemical-resistant hose, a durable stainless steel reel, and a versatile SoftWash gun with a 36-inch lance. The package also includes a J-Rod with 4 tips, built-in battery charger, and a starter pack of chemicals. With quick-connect features and weather-resistant components, this system ensures efficiency and durability for every project. Transform your cleaning game—work smarter, not harder! Get your Anaconda 7 Base Soft Wash System today and experience unparalleled cleaning efficiency and convenience! THINK BIG: Best used with 3 tanks and the Best Value Maverick Sidewinder Pro Slim Proportioner for electric pumps to build your own fully proportioned professional soft wash system. NOTE: Batteries Not Included. This machine requires a deep cycle marine grade battery. We recommend 2400 series 12-volt min 500 cranking amp marine grade Group 24 battery. The amp draw is from 11 to 15 Amps. The battery box interior measures 11 in. long X 7.5 in. wide X 7 in. tall.

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