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Schedule and Design the perfect fully equipped Truck skid build for your needs today by contacting us for a full quote. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE, All quotes include the pricing of the equipment, accessories, labor, skid is included in total pricing. Apply for Financing! The Perks Of The hefty 1/4" Aluminum 65 or 95" Skid: with Turn Key Operation
  • Transferable- Truck in the shop? With a skid, you are able to transfer the skid from vehicle to vehicle! Meaning, no down time or loss of revenue.
  • Adaptable- Maybe as of now you only offer softwashing but then maybe one day your business will grow and you’ll be offering a new service that requires a different machine. With a truck skid, growing your business is seamless! Just reorganize your current setup and add your new machine.
  • Shipping- Shipping a truck skid is easy for you! It can be completely disassembled, ensuring that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Customizable- Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Let us build you a set up with custom sizing, platforms, machines, tanks, and hoses. Want to add the Sidewinder Pro? You got it! Need to add a ladder rack? We can do it! 
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