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Accurate Grease Depth Tool

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Revolutionize Kitchen Cleanliness with the Precision Grease Gauge Comb!Step into the future of kitchen maintenance with our cutting-edge Grease Gauge Comb, your ultimate ally in ensuring a spotless and secure kitchen environment. Tailor-made for the keen eyes of kitchen exhaust system inspectors, this innovative tool is your go-to for accurate grease level assessments in exhaust ducts. - Accurate and Easy-to-Read Measurements: With crystal-clear markings from zero to .125 inches, track grease levels effortlessly, ranging from 'No Grease Build-Up' to 'Critical Depth'. - Built to Last and Comply: Our comb, made from sturdy PVC, not only stands the test of time but also aligns perfectly with NFPA 96 A.11.4.2 standards, guaranteeing both durability and compliance. - Instant Decision-Making: Equipped with straightforward notations like 'Acceptable' and 'Cleaning Required', make swift, informed decisions about your kitchen's hygiene needs. Say goodbye to the guesswork in grease management! Our Grease Gauge Comb is more than just a tool; it's your first line of defense in preserving a clean, safe, and compliant kitchen. Secure yours today on and lead the way in maintaining top-notch kitchen standards! 🌟🍳 This comb enables kitchen exhaust system inspectors to measure how much grease has built up in an exhaust duct. The comb includes markings for depths ranging from zero to .125 inches. This Grease Gauge Comb is the perfect tool for measuring the amount of grease build up in you Kitchen exhaust. It's easy to use and provides accurate readings, so you can  monitor when it is time to glean your vent hoods based on NFPA guidelines.

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