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Saves time and money! The X-Jet M5 adjustable nozzle injects and proportions chemicals at high or low pressure without going through your pump, hose, or gun. Includes a built-in downstream injector with 15' of hose.
    • #7 -  1-2.8 GPM
    • #9 -  3-3.5 GPM
    • #13 - 4-4.5 GPM
    • #16 - 5-6.5 GPM
    • #20 - 7-8   GPM
    • #25- 8.5+  GPM
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This unique gutter cleaning tool will remove leaves, dirt, and even rooted trees from gutters while you are still safe on the ground. Includes Guter ball ,4 GPM set of 1/4 Nozzles, and elbow assembly only. Telescopic poles sold separately. Gutter ball has internal thread of 1/4 standard NPT.
The Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Wand Attachment is approximately 14 inches in length with a 135 degree bend. The 1/4 inch brass quick connectors on each end make it easy to snap this gutter cleaning attachment onto the end of a telescoping pressure washer wand. Clean gutters from the ground! The chrome plated finish of the Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Wand Attachment helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

The Best Foam Cannon on the Market. The PF22.2 attaches to your pressure washer and generates thick foam for washing houses,trucks,cars etc. 

Cleaning hard to reach gutters is now easier than ever when you have the proper gutter cleaning tools. The Gutter Cleaner Attachment will shortly pay for itself with the time you save and allow you to hit more areas in a given time frame. This extension is 28 inches in length with a 135 degree curve. On the wand are a ¼” QC steel plug inlet and a ¼” brass coupler outlet built to last.
Clear Garden Hose Filter with Bypass Port The General Pump 100651 DuraView Filter has a brass spine, a see-through plastic cover, and a 60 mesh stainless steel screen. Use this filter in any 3/4" garden hose line to remove solids and particulates that may damage equipment and hurt performance.
With the included 48" Lance this 16" Water Broom that has 4 installed 65-degree nozzles cleans vast surfaces quickly. Use it to speed up cleaning projects such as decks, sidewalks, & driveways.
The telescoping wand is ideal for cleaning second story walls, gutters, soffits, and many other hard to reach areas. The lightweight fiberglass construction makes the longwand easy to hold, and the screw-type lock ensures that the poles will not move or slip during operation.
No more crawling under cars to clean! Attached to your wand, this 16" Undercar Water Broom with a 90-Degree Elbow makes cleaning easier and more efficient.
The PW909300K Trigger Gun Kit is the perfect kit to go along side your pressure washer. This kit is the right mix of performance and versatility, so you can have confidence to take on any project you face. The star of this kit is the trigger gun. This trigger gun is constructed with a comfortable gripped handle to reduce fatigue. This spray gun also features a nozzle holder located on the top of the gun for easy and convenient storage. The PW909300K also comes with a 25-foot super soft hose, that is capable to withstand up to 2,900 max PSI. This hose is also very flexible, making it user friendly for storage. This kit also features a durable steel lance built with an M22 inlet and a quick connect outlet. Also included in this kit is the 25-ounce foam cannon, with a quick connect tip. Fight tough dirt and grime with ease using a specialty detergent, which can easily be used in this foam cannon. This kit also comes with 5 quick connect nozzles. The spray pattern of these nozzles are: zero-degrees, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40-degrees, and the turbo nozzle. Equip your pressure washer with the tools to get the job done, look no further than the PW909300K Trigger Gun Kit so you can clean with confidence.
This 1/4" Male Screw Coupler can be used anywhere high pressure connections are frequently connected and disconnected. Exchanging different lance, hose and spray gun versions is simple and easy by hand tightening.
The Professional Foam Lance combines high-pressure water flow mixed with detergent and air to produce thick, clinging foam. This can be utilized to wash cars, motorcycles, windows, driveways, roofs, and siding.  Includes: 
  • 1L chemical Tank
  • Adjustable Flow Controlled Nozzle
  • Q/C Plug
  • M22 Adaptor
  • AR Fitting
  • Karcher Fitting
  • Stainless 1.2 MM Nozzle Installed
  • Additional Stainless 1.5 MM Nozzle
  • Teflon Tape
Clean with confidence with the AR Blue Clean PW41581 deluxe 12-inch surface cleaner. Built for superior cleaning on stairs, patios, garages, walkways, and decks. This ultralight weight design is easy to maneuver, but constructed for performance, with the capability to withstand up to 2,500 psi. This bundle features two built-in, oscillating cleaning jets to easily cut through tough dirt and grime. This surface cleaner also comes with high performance, user friendly accessories like the 15-inch extension lance, to clean tough to reach areas. Also included in this package is the M22 transfer adapter, to make connection universal with your pressure washer. Finally, this surface cleaner features a built-in detergent tank, users can clean with confidence over various cleaning surfaces like concrete, tile, wood, and any other outdoor cleaning areas. Tackle any tough project with the PW41581 12-inch surface cleaner.
A highly popular replacement pump for medium duty Industrial Pressure Washers, this 24mm Solid Shaft Pump boasts 3.6 GPM and 4000 PSI performance @ 1750 RPM.
Quick connect nozzle kits have 0°, 15°, 40°, and soaper nozzle. They fit most pressure washers with a 1/4" quick connect inlet. Complete with a holder and a convenient clip that attaches to your belt or machine, this Quick Connect (Q.C.) Flat Nozzle Size 3.5 Set is perfect for many cleaning applications.
When you want the best, choose a Mosmatic Swivel. This DKS Series M22x1.5 F x 3/8" S1 Stainless Swivel is a perfect choice for use in Hose Connections and Surface Cleaners.

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