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Add On and Clean Up with Pressure Power WashingSUMMARY: This article presents a general overview of how adding pressure washing as an additional service can increase business and improve your bottom line. Lists of equipment needed to get started in this profitable industry are also included. Why add pressure washing?If you are in the commercial, industrial, or residential cleaning industry – janitorial, carpet, window, or general cleaning and maintenance – adding pressure washing as an additional service can have tremendous benefits. With pressure power washing as part of your regular service, you will increase what you can offer existing customers, expand your client base, and greatly increase your profit margin. The ROI for including pressure washing can be realized in your next quarter’s revenue, and long-term growth potential is tremendous.Companies that have added power washing to their range of services have reported significant growth. These businesses are finding that pressure washing can bring in as much money in one month as some of their annual contracts provide from their core services. Diversify and grow your businessExpansion into the power washing business is an easy transition, with your primary accounts providing a built in clientele. Experience has shown that once clients realize that pressure washing is available, they are inclined to request that service as well. Whether it is cleaning gutters or parking lots, graffiti removal, vent and duct cleaning, or a wide range of other operations, almost all industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential customers can benefit from power pressure washing services.Getting StartedIn order to expand your services to include power washing, you need expert guidance. The power washing professionals at can help you decide on the options that are best suited for inclusion with your regular line of business. From there, you will receive expert advice regarding selecting the right equipment, materials, and training. will even help you develop a business plan to help in this expansion.As the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile power pressure washers, is prepared to help you in every way when it comes to adding power washing services and increasing your profits.Below is a series of charts that outlines some of the basic equipment you will need to add mobile pressure washing services to your current business.If you decide to expand, the first piece of equipment you will need is the pressure washer unit. These come in hot or cold water units, and with different psi and gpm. The best way to determine what type of unit you will need is to consider: The surface you will be cleaning Where you will be using the equipment How frequently you will be using itOnce these factors have been determined, the next step is to contact a vendor to discuss all the different options. The pressure washing professionals at can guide you through the multitude of available equipment, and help you find what suits your needs and budget.Hot Water High Pressure Washer Specifications and Average CostA good, workhorse, hot water high pressure washing system will have the following specifications: 16 to 20 hp 4 to 6 gpm 3,000 to 3,500 psi Water heating capability of 200ºF Price Range: $4,000 to $8,000Cold Water High Pressure Washer SpecificationsA cold water high pressure washer will have the following specifications: 13 hp 4 gpm 3,000 to 3500 psi Price Range: $2,000 to $3,000A viable alternative to purchasing the equipment is leasing. Powerwash Store has a number of programs available at exceptional rates. Contact us for details at 1-800-433-2113. Whether you buy or lease a pressure washing unit, wands, nozzles, and other fundamental equipment are included. One important thing to remember: A cold water pressure washer can only be used for cold water applications; it does not have the capability to use hot water unless specifically designed for hot water. Hot water pressure washers can function in either capacity by turning the heater (burner) on or off.For more information, contact ArticlesHow to Choose Pressure Washing EquipmentStarting a Pressure Washing Business – A Guide to Start-up CostsMobile Power Pressure Washing: Tips, Techniques, and Chemical Usage Guide Basic Equipment ChartsPlease refer to our catalogue or contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-433-2113 for up-to-date pricing and details. Click on one of the titles to be taken directly to that chart.House WashingExterior Wood Care {Decks & Fences}Fleet Truck WashingFlat WorkKitchen Grease Exhaust CleaningAwning CleaningSafety Equipment House PRODUCT LISTING 1Hot High Pressure Washer (for oil and grease removal on driveways)RK-40C, RK-42, orRK-43C2High Pressure Hose reelsHR-46, HR-65, or HR-2002Heavy Duty Hose Reel Hook-up KitHRH-HP or HRH-GH1Pressure hose – 150 ft.R-1-150-BL1Heavy-duty garden hose – 100 ft.CRV-1202Spray WandsW-15-79″and W-15-48″1 Telescoping WandEW-18′ or EW-24′ Spray Tips (Assortment)QCF-2508, QCF-2510, QCF-65401Zero Degree Rotating NozzleROTOMAX-31Long Range Chemical Injection NozzleX-Jet-M5BrushesWBR-DLX1Telescoping Brush HandlesAEH-12 or AEH-181Electric Chemical PumpDECKS 12 or DECKS 115Spray WaxW-200-05DetergentR-109-100, V-505-50, and DNB-1430-50ChemicalsOA-50Clear Plastic Sheeting (2 mil)POLY2MILTraining MaterialDVD-301, DVD-505, #1,100 Training pkg.ADDITIONAL MATERIALSLaddersWire BrushClaw HammerScrew DriversPliersPipe WrenchesFlexible WandPTFE TapeTF-TAPEMasking Tape (1″ and 2″)Duct TapeCaulking GunCaulking (variety of types)Putty Knife and other ScrapersExterior Wood Care {Decks & Fences} PRODUCT LISTING1Cold Water Pressure Washer4040HG, 4035HG2Hose ReelsHR-65 or HR-2002Hose Reel Hook-up KitsHRH-HP and HRH-GH1Non-Marking Pressure Hose – 150ft.R-1-150-BL1 Heavy-Duty Garden Hose – 110ft.CRV-1201 Electrical Chemical PumpDECKS 12 or DECKS 1151Dual Lance WandST-54-492Extension WandsW-15-79 and W-15-48Spray Tip AssortmentQCF-2508 and QCF-2510Deck and Siding RestorerDSR-49-08Deck and Siding Restorer and StripperDSR-50-05Oxalic AcidOA-50DetergentR-109-0100Clear Plastic Sheeting (2mil)POlY2MIlADDITIONAL MATERIALSClaw HammerCrow or Pry BarScrew DriversOrbital Sander (rental)Extension CordsDrop ClothsMasking Tape (1″ and 2″)Paint BrushAirless Paint SprayerLaddersFleet Truck WashingQTYITEM PRODUCT LISTING1Trailer Mounted Hot High Pressure Washer w/water tank.RK-43C-2ABrushesWBR-14 and WBR-10Brush HandlesWBH-5 and WBH-8Stack BrushesSBR-9000Spray Tips AssortmentQCF-2508,QCF-4008,QCF-2510 & QCF-4010Portable Vinyl Wash Pits andGround CoversTFTP-2075Portable Dams and Drain CoversPD-620, PD-610, and DC-4.61Recycle SystemRecycle-161Wash Pit Sump Pumpwpsp-81Vacu-boomVB-20Oil absorbent Booms, Pillows, and PadsD-6002, D-6003, and D-6008DegreasersR-109-0100, DNB-1430-50Truck Wash DetergentV-505-50Spray WaxW-200-05Foam BoosterR-1420Training MaterialDVD-504, DVD-301Flat WorkQTYITEM PRODUCT LISTING1Trailer Mounted Hot High Pressure Washer w/water tank.RK-43C-2ASurface CleanerCC8324D1Turbo NozzleST-457-551Electrical Chemical PumpCP-20001 Pump-up SprayerCIDS-2235Portable Dams and Drain BlockersPD-620, PD-610 and DC-4.61Vacu-boomVB-201Vacuum Sludge Filter SystemVSF-551Sump PumpWPSP-8Concrete Stain RemoverOA-50DegreaserR-109-0100, DNB-1430-50Training MaterialDVD-301, DVD-105Kitchen Grease Exhaust CleaningQTYITEM PRODUCT LISTING1Enclosed Trailer Mounted High Pressure WasherRK-43C-2A-ET1Cold Water Pressure Washer w/180ºF Hot Water capabilityD-2015EZero Degree Rotating NozzlesROTOMAX-3Low Pressure Spray tipsVJ-6520Rotary Duct SpinnersRDS-21-6FSpring ClampsSPC-SETClear Poly Sheeting (2mil)POLY2MILScrub Pads and HoldersLSPK-1361 Wet/Dry Vacuum with Sump PumpVSF-551 Chemical PumpCIDS-2235Portable DamsPD-6101Foot ValveFV-3008Oriental DetergentOD-100-05DegreaserV-501-50 or V-502-50FoamerAF-20 or MEAN-5Foam BoosterR-1420Duct Access Doors (as needed)Appropriate Safety EquipmentTraining Materials – Ackland/ 5-day Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning SchoolADDITIONAL MATERIALSScrapersSqueegee1Mop and Bucket135 gal. plastic trash can12″ bulkhead fitting for plastic trash canStep LadderDrop Cloths13′ x 5′ x 3/4″ plywoodAwning CleaningQTYITEM PRODUCT LISTING1Cold Water Pressure Washer4040HG1Large Spray TipQCF-6540110″ Deluxe Wash BrushWBR-DLX1Aluminum Extension Brush HandleAEH-6181Electrical Chemical PumpDECKS-12Portable Dams and Drain BlockersPD-610, PD-620, and DC-4.61Sump PumpWPSP-8Fabric Awning CleanerAC-12-01Vinyl Awning CleanerRP-1020-01Training MaterialsDVD-509Step LadderSafety EquipmentQTYITEM PRODCUCT LISTING1Double coated PVC/Nylon SuitPRS-[SIZE]1 pr17″ Rubber Pull-on Over-the shoe-bootsBOOT-[SIZE]1Hard HatHH-111Hard Hat VisorHH-11-VIS-ASY1 prSoft Frame Goggles4T5261 prGauntlet style Rubber GlovesGAUNLET1Black Rubber/Cotton ApronAPR-10

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