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Tips for Writing Pay Per Click Ads for a Pressure Washing Business

This article is the third in a four part series of articles on pay per click advertising for power wash contractors. The first article focused on global changes that you can make to campaigns. Article two explored keyword settings. This article will give tips for writing pay per click ads for a pressure washing business, and the fourth will discuss what should happen after your ad is clicked.

Ads that appear in search results are brief. One word can sometimes drastically increase conversion rates. Some ads get a lot of clicks, but none of the clicks convert. It may take a you a few tries to figure out what works best.

Be Scientific

Create multiple ads within each one of your ad groups, and monitor your variables. Your potential customers will only see one of your ads displayed at a time. So it is okay if each ad is almost exactly the same as the last ad.

Start by choosing a headline that is rich with keywords from your ad group. Then alter the headline by arranging the order of the keywords or using close variants of those keywords. Keep everything else in the ad the same. This way you can A/B test to see which headline works the best.

After you have created a few good headlines, you can start optimizing your ad content. Use the same A/B strategy with your ad content that you used with your headlines. Try to give the user some idea of what they will see on your landing page when they click your ad. Sometimes just switching the top and bottom lines can impact your click through rate. Keep making adjustments until you find what works best.

Your display URL does not have to match your destination URL. The domain must be the same, but the content after the slash can be used to give additional clues about the content of your landing pages. This is another place to try and use keywords that may match search queries.

Sell Your Services Not Your Price

Avoid phrases like, “Our Prices Can’t Be Beat.” They will often bring in the wrong kind of traffic. These people will click your ad and immediately start looking for pricing information. Unless you can give them the “right” price, they are likely going to leave your site without contacting you.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions appear below your search network ads and add valuable information for your potential customer. They can improve your visibility. When two ads have the same bid and quality, the ad with extensions will be chosen over the ad without extensions. There are several types of extensions. The most relevant extensions for power wash contractors are described below.

    • Call extensions allow users to call you directly from your ad. You can track the calls and count them as conversions
    • Location extensions are excellent for businesses that have a physical location. Mobile device users can click through and get directions to your facility. Perfect for truck wash bays, or other stationary power washing facilities.
    • Previous visit extensions let users know if they have visited your site before, and how many times they visited. This extension can help you build repeat business. A home owner may not remember the name of the company who cleaned their driveway last month, but they remember what your website looked like. This extension can tell them how many times they have visited your site, and even when they visited.
    • User review extensions show positive reviews from third party sites. Users will click through with more confidence, and are far more likely to contact you once they have visited your site.
    • Site links show users some of the most important pages on your site. They can help them land on the right page and get the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Top ad position is not just awarded to the highest bidder. According to Google, “Ad position is determined by a formula called Ad Rank that gives your ad a score based on your bid, the quality of your ads and landing page, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.” Google wants to present the most relevant information possible when a user searches for content. Make sure your keywords match your ad content and your landing page content. Test and make adjustments to your ads to increase your conversion rates. Small changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

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