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Should I Buy an Open Pressure Washer Trailer or an Enclosed Pressure Washer Trailer?

There are many things to be considered when choosing a trailer on which to carry your power washing equipment. The number one concern of most power wash contractors is durability. The second is usually protecting their investment. Many important considerations are ignored.

Open Trailer made

The primary consideration should be load limit. The amount and type of equipment and amount of water that you will need to carry will be a major factor in choosing the best trailer to suit your needs. Trailers will be rated by the amount of weight that they can carry and by their GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). You will need to know the weight of all of your equipment, the chemicals and accessories that you will be carrying and the water as well (Water weighs about 8.33 pounds per gallon.) Remember that these weights combined with the actual trailer weight will determine the GVW. An enclosed trailer will be much heavier than an open trailer. If you don’t know the weight of your equipment you should be able to get that information from the vendor who sold it to you.

You will also need to know that your truck or the vehicle that you will be using to tow the trailer with has the rating to tow this much weight and the proper braking and lighting system as well. Once you have determined the size and load limits that you will need you can proceed to making the decision as to whether an open or enclosed trailer will best suit your needs.

Another thing to consider when choosing a trailer is the type of roads that you will be traveling when servicing your customers. If you are traveling on rough terrain such as one might do when performing work in the oil fields, an enclosed trailer may not be the best choice. There are certain weaknesses in the framework that won’t stand up to rough roads because of the constant flexing of the framework as you go over bumps and ruts in the terrain.

Have you ever heard anyone say this before, “You wouldn’t purchase a lawn and garden tractor and leave it sitting in your yard exposed to the damaging elements! So why would you expose the equipment that you make your living with to these same dangers?” Their solution is of course an enclosed trailer. It is true, that an enclosed trailer offers more protection for your equipment, but they are not right for every situation.

An enclosed trailer is a rolling billboard for your business. This type of advertising can be extremely effective for B to C contractors. Neighbors in a residential area can look out their window and see your trailer parked in front of a house you are cleaning. They are reminded of you every time they see the clean house on the block.

Also with an enclosed trailer pilferage and the loss of small items is less likely. Your equipment is hidden from view. This also helps you look more organized. People passing by will see your advertising instead of the wands, brushes and other items you have tucked away.

If you are still not sure what type of trailer is right for you, call at 1-800-433-2113. We have been making custom trailers for power wash contractors for over 30 years.

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